Man found with heroin hidden in underwear in 2013

A man who police say hid “38 capsules containing heroin” in his underwear will serve a 15-year prison sentence on a drug charge, a 25th Circuit Court judge decided Monday.
Dennis Elms, of Rolla, who pleaded guilty to the Class B felony of possession with the intent to distribute heroin, was sentenced to serve 15 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.
Because of his prior drug convictions, he is not eligible for probation or parole, according to the Phelps County prosecuting attorney’s office.
Phelps County Prosecutor John Beger described Elms as “the biggest distributor of heroin in the county.”
Elms was arrested for possession with the intent to distribute heroin April 8, 2013.
Rolla police officers Steven Gray and Luke Kearse received information that Elms was in possession of a large amount of heroin and began conducting surveillance on him.
After observing Elms driving with a revoked license, Gray conducted a traffic stop on Elms at the Love’s Truck Stop on Hypoint Boulevard in Rolla.
According to the prosecutor’s office, during the arrest, an eyeglass case was retrieved from Elms’ underwear containing 38 capsules containing heroin. During questioning, Elms admitted the heroin was packaged for sale.  
“This is a big win for Phelps County,” Beger said, adding that Gray and Kearse “did an excellent job investigating and arresting one of the most dangerous men in Phelps County.”
“We all know what a big problem heroin is in this area,” Beger continued. “It seems like everyday we have another overdose or death because of people like Dennis Elms.”
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Brendon Fox prosecuted the case.