Can anyone fathom the irony of President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 with the happenings of the last four years?

Can anyone fathom the irony of President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 with the happenings of the last four years?
Yesterday, just before I was to report on Government issues to my restaurant owner’s coop, I booted up the Drudge Report. Glaring back at me screamed the headline: WWIII! It’s no surprise to those of us who witnessed a clueless Hillary deliver a “reset button” to Russia’s Foreign Minister and Obama’s pre-2012 election promise to be more “flexible” to the Ruskies after the 2012 elections.
Today there are reports that Jews in Ukraine have been ordered to register. My grandparents and other relatives immigrated to Chicago from Odessa Russia in the Ukraine over 100 years ago when Jews were being slaughtered by the Cossacks in pogroms.
I guess you could say the start of this new World War was at least partially caused by Obama’s war on history. If he had studied a lick of it instead of practicing his “organizing” skills, he would have known that this situation mirrors by Hitler’s claim to be worried about the so-called discrimination against German speaking people.
Even Carter got it right when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. He boycotted the Moscow Olympics and stopped negotiations on the SALTII Nuclear Treaties. The peanut farmer was in the process of implementing more sanctions on the Russians but Ronald Reagan took over and continued what Carter had started. Ronnie obliterated the Soviets without firing a shot.
Our President has taken the amazing action of sending cheese sandwiches and socks to the Ukrainians. What’s next—tutus?
The above is Obama’s leap to the bottom of the heap of not just all Presidents, but leaders everywhere. Here are more of Barry’s top 10 wars, the war on history thrown in with no extra cost:
1.       Women-Since Roe V. Wade in 1973 approximately 55 million babies have been aborted. Around half of those lives have been little girls. Black female babies are murdered at a rate of three times the black female population of the US.
2.       Allies-Ukraine and Crimea are gone. When the Russians go into Estonia to “save the Russian-speaking-people” the Shiite will hit the fan. They are part of NATO and whoever attacks a NATO country must be defended by the rest of the NATO signees. For those from Branson, that includes us. Here is a link to the 28 countries in NATO. Those concerned by the squishy leadership of Obama—be still your hearts. Here’s what our brilliant Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel recently said "Article 5 is clear that an act of aggression against one member of NATO is an attack on all members.”
3.       Jews-The consequences of Obama’s war on another ally, Israel, has made Jews vulnerable throughout the world.
4.       Christians-Obama’s backing of the Muslim Brotherhood, his pandering to Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda has given a green light to terrorists to murder Christians and burn their Churches in the Mideast and Northern Africa.
5.       Moderate Muslims-Seems like an oxymoron. President Obama’s schizophrenic treatment of terrorists can give no comfort to those Muslims debating whether to stand up to the Islamists.
6.       Our military-Incredibly, on the cusps of one NATO country being invaded by Putin, almost a sure thing, Obama has not reversed the order to decimate our armed forces to pre 1940’s level!
7.       The First Amendment-Obama’s war on anyone who criticizes him is bad enough. The actions of Barack’s DOJ and its AG, Eric Holder to cooperate with the IRS’s Lois Lerner to criminally arrest conservative groups via tax laws is in clear violation of the right to political speech. The DOJ’s wire-tapping of AP and Fox reporters and dropped arrest of Fox News reporter, James Rosen is downright tyrannical.
8.       The Second Amendment gun registry and ankle bracelets-Is there any question that this administration is egging to get our guns? In New York State, gun owners, like the Jews of Nazi Germany and the Jews of the Ukraine today, have been ordered to register. Holder wants to put bracelets on all gun owners. Right or wrong, the invasion of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada by the BLM and other armed-to-the-hilt Feds got a reaction by armed citizen militias who were clearly ready to die fighting the Bundy’s cause and the over-reach by the Feds.
9.       Congress-A pen and a phone makes for a king, not a president.
10.   Tax payers-The outrageous notion that a minority of taxpayers will be willing to work and pay an increasingly punitive tax to support a growing list of permanent freeloaders is not revolutionary—but it may cause one.
What I have to say is this:
More wars next week.
A gut Pesach and Happy Easter to all!