We recently posted an arrest of a person for a "butane hash oil" lab where approximately one pound of marijuana, over 150 separate packages of hash oil and drug paraphernalia were discovered.
Here are a few points:

Drug watch: On Saturday, April 5, the Rolla Street Crimes Unit conducted a short-term investigation which led to a search of a residence. During the search methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia were located.
On Wednesday, April 9, the Rolla Street Crimes Unit conducted an investigation which led to a search warrant. Upon serving the search warrant, members of the unit located several baggies of methamphetamine, digital scales and drug paraphernalia.
In other news, this was a recent headline: “Butane used in hash-oil production caused explosion, police say.” Sadly, this type of incident is increasing all over the U.S.
We recently posted an arrest of a person for a "butane hash oil" lab where approximately one pound of marijuana, over 150 separate packages of hash oil and drug paraphernalia were discovered.
Here are a few points:  
1. We respond to citizens’ complaints and investigate those complaints on possible drug houses. We had received complaints on this particular residence.
2. If we get a tip on a drug house there is no way to know if it’s marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin or a false report until we investigate. We investigate and enforce the law.
3. Once we learned of the butane hash oil production, we were very concerned for not only the safety of the people involved but also others living in the building who were in danger.
4. There are a large number of explosions and fires related to this type of production and they are on the increase. To research, check “fires caused by making butane hash oil” on Google.
5. When we investigate and find something illegal, we arrest and the people arrested have their day in court. We do not apologize for arresting someone doing something illegal.
6. Even though we post several calls on Facebook, and cover a lot of different topics, we handle around 40,000 calls a year and post less than 2 percent of what we do.
I am very proud of the Rolla Police Department, the South Central Missouri Drug Task Force and the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department for the proactive work being done to arrest drug dealers.
For those of you who may not know, not so long ago, we had a very serious problem with violent drug thugs moving to our town and selling meth, heroin, marijuana, cocaine and some others. We have put many of them in prison and caused many to move out of the area.
We will continue to do so as long as this threat is present, so don’t sell drugs in Rolla. If you choose to do so, you will pay the price, no matter what drug it is.
This past week, in honor of National Crime Victims’ Week, the Phelps County prosecuting attorney’s office, in conjunction with the Kids’ Harbor Child Advocacy Center in St. Robert, recognized members of the Rolla Police Department for their contribution to the investigation of crimes against children.
Recognized were Sgt. Wayne Rapier, Detective Sgt. Ken Nakanishi, Detective Hank Harper, Detective Robert Jones and Detective Derrick Dillon. Rapier serves as a school resource officer for the Rolla Public Schools and Nakanishi, Harper, Jones and Dillon comprise our criminal investigations unit. Congratulations to all.  
This next entry is from the desk of Animal Control Supervisor John Redshaw who writes:
“In the past three to four weeks, Rolla Animal Control has taken calls on missing or stolen pets.
“The majority of the callers have reported that their "purebred" pets have disappeared out of backyards and even vanished from backyard dog pens. Callers also state that they sometimes find the tethers cut and or the animal’s collar has been removed and dropped in a nearby area.
“Reports indicate that medium to large ‘purebred’ dogs such as Black Labradors, Irish Setters, Border Collies, Aussies, etc., are the type of dogs that seem to be vanishing.
“When we question the callers, we ask if they have observed any strange vehicles in the area. Some say that they have noticed a van or a smaller box truck in the area but have not paid much attention to it. Then within 24-48 hours later, their dog vanishes.
“While Rolla Animal Control cannot confirm this, we as well as the callers (animal owners), suspect that these animals are more than likely being stolen and used for breeding purposes as this seems to occur each year around this time. Most of the animals that vanish are rarely found.
“On a good note, the reports usually stop around late May into June. But, the sad fact is that when these reports stop, the second phase usually starts. The second phase indicates that the dog-nappers focus their attention away from the larger breed dogs and onto the smaller breed dogs.
“The best course of action to take with your pet is to watch them closely. Report any strange vehicles to your local police department or sheriff's department.”
Have a great week!