There were very few bumps on the road to Crimea for Vladimir Putin. Just days after the Sochi Olympics, the Russians took over Crimea with a small invasion—you know, to “protect the Russian speaking people.”

There were very few bumps on the road to Crimea for Vladimir Putin. Just days after the Sochi Olympics, the Russians took over Crimea with a small invasion—you know, to “protect the Russian speaking people.”

Call me paranoid, but remember President Obama’s faux pas when he blurted on an open mike that after the 2012 election he could be much more flexible? Sadly, he wasn’t talking to our middle class, military, businesses or us liars who have a beef with Obamacare.

He was conversing with Russia’s President Medvedev, Putin’s mini-me.

If you’ve taken time out of looking at all the non-news news on the missing Malaysian Air Line 777, you’d know that Putin-led Russia has taken over Crimea and has pre-lied that they will stop there. Just today it was announced that Russian troops on the Ukraine border jumped from 30,000 to over 80,000 for “exercises”—this after they snatched all the Ukraine ships right out of the ports of Crimea.

Many have boats—few have oars

If you look at the shock Secretary of State “Not-So Swift Boat” Kerry exhibited at this, you’d have to wonder if he was acting or was just dumb enough to utter these amazingly ignorant words: “You just don’t--in the 21st century--behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext.” Secretary John Kerry, Face the Nation on cBS. Seems Mr. Kerry has his history a little clouded. Just from 1900 until 2012 we’ve seen 254 wars resulting in 87,107,000 deaths.

I find this kind of ignorance staggering, especially in a man who is in a position where he should know just a tad more than your average fifth grader.

If you don’t protect the truth a lie will imprison it

This is how it must have gone down: Obama called Putin and was put on hold as Vladimir fed his horses, wrestled his pet crocodile, killed a bear with his KGB knife, and topped it off with a sauna, Jacuzzi, shower, manicure and pedicure. Once Putin got on the phone, Barack began to lecture Putin on the Communist takeover in Crimea. Putin, in deadpanned voice, told Obama it wasn’t half as good as Obama’s Communist takeover of America.

When they both stopped laughing after a solid 10 minutes, Obama reconfirmed his “flexibility” by reviewing their mutual “sanctions” he and Putin would play out on the world stage for the next year or so—at least until it was too late for the rest of Europe to defend itself.

As this is playing out, Hitler is goose stepping in Hell, screaming at Satan. He’s demanding an answer why Barack Obama wasn’t around to help with de Fuhrer’s advances upon Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I hear Satan turned up the heat and went back to figuring out how Obama could screw the Christians and Jews.

Can anyone imagine a more clueless approach to foreign policy than was displayed by Obama? He taunting Romney by telling him the 80s wanted their foreign policy back during a presidential debate after Romney pointed to Russia as a major American concern.

Even Sarah Palin somehow envisioned this in 2008 when she predicted the real possibility that Russia would at some future time invade the Ukraine. Maybe she couldn’t see Russia from her front porch, but she could certainly sense the total abdication of any logic by Barack Hussein Obama, the Democratic Party and the MSM.

With polls crashing and Obamacare warning lights flashing, President Obama went back to his old Delta House strategy. He took yet another road trip, visiting the Netherlands and then the Pope--both meant to shore his fading numbers up.

Burning up in the halo of one of the most popular Popes in history, Obama offered Pope Francis seeds for fruits and vegetables. If only the Pope could have reciprocated with an exorcism, as Pamela Villela just suggested on my Facebook wall, maybe we could return our country to its rightful owners…the folks.

One more thing:

Forget Amnesty. If there are any “Russian speaking” folk in the states they need to go back to Mother Russia--before Vlad turns his cunning eyes on us.