Leland Race, son of wrestling legend Harley Race, to headline card.

Harley Race's World League Wrestling is bringing professional wrestling back to the Midwest of the United States!

For nearly 50 years, Race wrestled day-in and day-out and entertained the fans that came to see him. Now, he is continuing the tradition of great wrestling action as his company, World League Wrestling (WLW), is putting on events throughout Missouri and its surrounding states. In 2014, the company anticipates to have nearly 20 events, and that number is still rising.

The first stop on the War of Wrestling 2014 is in Rolla, the day after St. Valentine's Day fittingly naming the event the Battle of St. Valentines! On Feb. 15, 2014, WLW invades the Fat Cats Entertainment Complex and will be bringing 6 exciting matches!

The main event will feature the son of wrestling icon and legend Harley Race defending his #1 contender's spot to whomever wins the battle royal scheduled to take place earlier in the evening. Leland Race, son of Harley, has been wrestling around the country and is preparing to start 2014 off with a bang by showing his talents that his father has taught him. "I am looking forward to meeting all of the great WLW fans in Rolla as well as hopefully bringing in some new ones to show that wrestling still is alive and well. I have a legacy to uphold and that is what my dad did for close to half of a century. He was a man's man and is still looked at by many as the toughest man in this business. I can't and won't let him down. This year looks to be promising for not only myself, but also WLW. I can't wait to see what happens starting in Rolla!"

Another anticipated matchup on this card in Rolla is a tag-team bout as former WLW Tag Team Champions High Level Enterprise (Jack Gamble and Jon Webb) seek revenge against the current WLW Tag Team Champions The Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson and Dave Delorean). In December of 2013, the Black Hand Warriors won a 3-way tag-team matchup in controversial style. The end of the match saw former trainee of the High Level Enterprise Dave Delorean voluntarily unmasking himself and revealing his true identity to the shocked Jack Gamble. Gamble was quoted as saying "I never saw it coming. We were all great friends and loved to have a great time. Being betrayed by a close friend is something that never sits right with you. No matter how you look at it, it makes you look at life a completely different way because you don't know who to trust."

The current reigning and defending WLW Ladies champion, Stacey O'Brien, will be defending her championship against WLW newcomer Devyn Nicole. These two had their first encounter in Richmond, MO in December of 2013. With O'Brien retaining her title, Devyn Nicole issued a rematch challenge to the champion. The contract is signed and now the WLW Ladies Championship will be up for grabs!

Tickets can be purchased at Fat Cats Entertainment Complex (1100 E. Hwy 72 in Rolla) or online at www.harleyrace.com. You can now also purchase tickets over the phone with our new credit card system! To take advantage of this, please call 573-392-4100. Ticket prices are $10 for general admission and $15 for ringside if you purchase them in advance. Prices rise $2 per ticket the night of the event.

Harley Race has said "I look forward to seeing all the great fans of professional wrestling in Rolla on February 15th. This group is the greatest thing I've taken part in and I have worked with every individual that is on the roster. I know great wrestling, and WLW is just that! See you in Rolla on February 15th!"