Local gymnastics academy ready to begin competitive season.

Flip-Flop Gymnastics competitive teams are about to begin their 2014 season that will have them traveling as far as Charleston, South Carolina.
Flip-Flop Gymnastics is an award-winning gymnastics academy in Rolla. For more information on the organization, call (573) 364-2444.

In preparation for the upcoming season the 21 gymnasts at Flip-Flop have committed many months of hard work in the gym to develop the strength, agility and skills necessary for advancement. Along with learning new skills they spend countless hours learning and perfecting new routines. These gymnasts development is well-matched with the growth at the Flip-Flop Gymnastics gym which underwent an expansion over the summer through the addition of a pit system.

"I love that gymnastics is a sport that all ages and levels of kids can enjoy," said Meredith Flint-Sowers, owner and head coach of Flip-Flop Gymnastics. "We feel so blessed to have been able to add on to our facility this year and we are really enjoying the new space. Our team kids work really hard all year and we are looking forward to a wonderful upcoming season".

Level 3 team members are: Riley Brown, Emma Cook, Emily DeNoon, Brooke Easterling, Kaylie Gustafson, and Rebekka Ross.

Level 4 team members are: Charley Leonard, Abby Harrison, Addison Maynard, Dawn Shepherd, Riley Slowensky, and Kendall Woolman.

Level 5 team members are: Annie Lonning, Lorynn Pearson, Ukara Saxton, and Lacey Squires.

Level 7 team members are: Courtney Colench and Kaytlynn Mickelson.

Level 8 team members are: Lizzie DeNoon, Lillie Scheffer, and Erin Wilson.

The 2014 Flip-Flop schedule:
January 11-12 - at Chesterfield, MO
January 17-19 - at Rogers, Ark.
January 31- Feb 2 - at Indianapolis, Ind.
February 14-16 - at St. Charles, MO
February 21-23 - at St. Louis, MO
March 7-9 - at Charleston, S.C.
March 14-16 - at St. Louis, MO
March 28-30 - at Columbia, MO
April 11-13 - at Fargo, N.D.