By now most people have heard about the controversy surrounding the "Duck Dynasty" television series.
In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family of hunters, Christians, and self-made entrepreneurs, expressed his belief that homosexuality is wrong.
The interview set off protests from gay rights organizations and Robertson was abruptly suspended by A&E network. Robertson's suspension, however, triggered an equally fierce backlash from fans of the show and the war began.
Liberal television personality Piers Morgan said the First Amendment shouldn't apply to racist homophobes like Robertson, and Jesse Jackson said his statements were consistent with "white privilege."
Within days, Cracker Barrel restaurants pulled all of the "Duck Dynasty" merchandise from its shelves. Cracker Barrel customers responded, overwhelmingly, that they were angry with the move.
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee led the charge and the restaurant chain issued a statement apologizing to its customers and restocked all of its "Duck Dynasty" merchandise. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal spoke out in support of Robertson and an Alabama state congressman even announced he'd introduce a resolution in support of the "Duck Dynasty" star.
A Facebook page calling for the boycott of A&E until Robertson was rehired got more than 1 million likes in one day and over 250,000 people signed a petition to A&E demanding that Phil Robertson be reinstated on the hit show.
Ultimately A&E has decided to reinstate Phil Robertson but has announced it will issue a series of public service announcements "promoting unity, tolerance, and acceptance."
This selective double standard is where I believe the real problem lies.
Exactly what type of tolerance and acceptance is A&E promoting? They have already said they disagree with the values of the Robertsons by trying to cut "in Jesus name" from the end of the family prayers. The punishing of Phil Robertson for expressing his well-known beliefs in a magazine interview points to a much larger issue.
TMZ editor Harvey Levin, who is openly gay, criticized A&E and defended Robertson, saying that while he didn't agree with the "Duck Dynasty" star, his comments were not hate-based. Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham weighed in on the network's decision saying,
"They want him to shut up. It's the new blacklist. If you don't submit to their world view they will try to destroy you."
Attempting to destroy opposing views is what the radical left does best. They have built a culture of intimidation against all who refuse to accept their views.
Instead of having a discussion of ideas, they try to take out their opponents by assaulting their character and reputation. They call them inflammatory names. They control the language of the debate and controlling the language is a big part of winning the cultural war. These bullies are threatening lawsuits against churches and businesses for not submitting to their views.
The radical left continuously shows its intolerance of others while demanding tolerance of its own views. They don't want to live and let live; they don't just want equal rights and respect. They want to stamp out opposing viewpoints and suppress the freedoms of those who disagree.
They demand that things that they deem to be offensive be banned. In leftist America, speaking about the moral imperative of abortion is virtuous but citing the Bible is sin.
Anti-religious bigotry runs rampant on television and the "establishment" has defined the correct and appropriate opinion of moral issues.
Those that do not agree are racists, homophobes, and bigots. Phil Robertson voiced his opinion about homosexual behavior but he did not advocate discrimination against homosexuals in any way.
It seems that every time a conservative stands for something publicly, they get beaten down by the media and the left has used the beat-down tactic for years.
Conservatives, however, are recognizing that they don't have to sit back and be victims.
"Duck Dynasty" supporters came out by the millions to show their support. People who have traditionally minded their own business are finally coming to understand that the war against them was declared long ago whether they like it or not.
Most people want to preserve their constitutional freedoms and be able to believe and state their opinions, even if they offend certain people.
They also believe others should be able to do the same.
In the end, the "Duck Dynasty" controversy is a lesson in leftist intolerance. Tolerance doesn't mean approval, it means live and let live.
I don't believe the Robertsons are victims, I believe freedom loving Americans are.