There is scientific evidence that the Earth is less than ten thousand years old, but that evidence does not support the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, so it must be eliminated.

Throw Out Evidence of a Young Earth, It Doesn't Fit our Theory

There is a great deal of controversy over how old the earth is.  Darwinian evolution has a theory that the earth is millions and billions of years old.  Is there proof that the earth is that old?  NO!  However, there is a multi-faceted theory, supported by many unproven assumptions.  All the assumptions of an old earth support the theory that there is no Intelligent Designer or Creator.  Old earth theories teach that all things just accidentally occurred over billions of years.  After all, who knows what happened over billions of years?  The imagination of man can conjure up all sorts of ideas, but does that mean that they are true? NO!  Human beings weren't present when the earth was formed, and atheists do not want to recognize that a Supreme Being was responsible for Creation.  Thus, they came up with the billions of years theory to try and make it sound believable that everything just happened by chance.  The creation is so magnificent, intricate, massive, and works together so well, that it is ridiculous to believe that there wasn't an Intelligent Designer.  However, atheists hate the idea of God, and religion.  So, they try to keep their theories, public school textbooks, and the various studies of science free of any idea that there is a Creator.  Instead, they have infiltrated  our society with their philosophic teachings that all things just accidentally happened over billions of years. Darwinian evolution is the carefully guarded and protected religion of the atheists, which has taken over our educational system.  Such theories, based on unproven assumptions should not be allowed in public school textbooks.  Christians and Jews are not allowed to teach what they believe about God and the creation in the public school classroom.  So, why should atheists be able to teach their religious theories?  Only observable, scientific facts should be presented. 

Is there scientific evidence that the earth is not billions of years old?  YES!

1.  Distances beyond 100 light years cannot be measured accurately.

2.  It is not known what light really is or if it travels the same speed through out time and space.

3.   Einstein had a theory that space and time bend.  He gave an explanation of his theory that can be summarized in this manner.  A large ball placed on an elastic cloth stretches the cloth and causes it to sag.  That is like the planets and stars warping space- time.  In 1915 Einstein wrote his theory of relativity.  In it he stated that gravity was not a force, but a consequence  of the distortion of time and space.  Light years are a term of measurement, but do not actually represent a true number of years in time.  According to Einstein's theory, matter and energy distort space-time, curving it around themselves.  A large body like the Sun causes a curved space-time deformation.  This phenomenon is known as the geodetic effect, which is warped space-time.

4.  The farthest distance that can be measured accurately is 100 light years.  Several billion light years cannot be measured, only theorized. 

5.  Does carbon dating prove the earth is millions of years old?  NO!  The sun's radiation hits the earth during the day.  That energy is able to convert 21 pounds of nitrogen into radioactive carbon 14.  The radio active carbon 14 eventually decays and turns back into nitrogen.  Laboratory tests have shown that about half the C-14 molecules  have a life of 5,730 years, and the remaining half will decay after another 5,730 years.  Tests reveal that there is more C-14 now than there was 40 years ago.  This proves that the earth is not even 30,000 years old and its atmosphere has not reached its equilibrium yet.

6.  There is scientific evidence that the earth was never a boiling, molten mass that slowly cooled down over millions of years.Amazing research on radio-polonium halos in granite rock prove this.  Polonium is a radioactive element that breaks down and decays like uranium.  Polonium only lasts a few minutes as it sends out little particles that produce a sphere of fragments like fireworks, which only lasts a fraction of a second before collapsing. As radio-active polonium decays in solid rock, it makes a perfect sphere or circle that is preserved.  If the rock were hot and molten, the circle would disappear.  All over the world granite rocks displays radio-polonium halos.   The Intelligent Designer really produces intricate designs!

7. Do stalactites and stalagmites in caves prove the earth is millions of years old?  NO!  Stalactites over five feet long have been found in the basement of the Lincoln Memorial, which was built in 1923.  Foot long stalactites have been found under bridges in Philadelphia, PA.  In 1953 there was a photograph in National Geographic of a bat that had fallen on a stalagmite, and  had been covered by drippings and preserved before it could decompose.  It was found in Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico.  Stalactites and stalagmites are able to grow rapidly, because they are formed by the drippings of mineralized solutions.

8.  The dissolved minerals in the oceans represent 3.6% of the water.The primary mineral is salt, which is composed of sodium and chlorine.  An estimated total of 457 million tons of sodium are deposited into the oceans every year, and 122 million tons are expelled.  The amount of salinity in the oceans supports a young earth theory.

9.  Human artifacts such as jewlery, bells, pots, tools and other man made objects have been found in coal.  Such findings do not support the theory that coal was formed millions of years ago.  Coal was formed from masses of tree and plant life that changed under great pressure and heat..  There is evidence of a catastrophic world wide flood caused by the cracking of the earth's surface, exploding boiling lava, and shooting water from the cracks.  As the flood waters settled, the pressure of sediment would push down upon plant debris, and the heat from the volcanic floor would cause coal forming conditions.  Similar conditions of pressure and heat formed  oil and natural gas from dead animal mater.  Human artifacts in coal do not support the theory that it was formed millions of years ago.

10.  If the earth was older than 25,000 years, it would have been unable to support life, because of the heat from electric current of the magnetic field.  There is evidence that the magnetic field is declining, but at its present rate could not have supported life even one million years ago.

Why are these scientific facts not included in public school textbooks?  They are classified as anomalies, which are facts that do not support Darwin's Theory of Evolution.  The unproven assumptions of the theory of evolution are taught as facts.  The proven scientific facts that do not support the theory of evolution are dismissed, because they shed doubt upon the atheist's theory of evolution.  This is not right and should be changed.  However, the theory of Darwinian evolution, man evolving from an ape, the earth being millions of years old, and all things formed by accident, and not by the design of the Creator have been taught in public schools since the 1960's.  These teachings are  now commonly accepted by most of the population as true.  We have been deceived, and it is way past time for factual information to replace old theories..