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As you know, the legendary Bob Ufer radio voice passed the broadcast torch to “Frankie” Beckmann back in 1981.    Beckmann won’t have that opportunity next season as IMG will select a new man to handle this role, a role that is and will be an integral part of the history of this place. One of the major off-the-field questions will concern who will fill the role.  The potential candidates:
  • Doug Karsch – The longtime radio sideline guy and local radio host on WXYT also does work for #1000SSS.  FWIW he has an endorsement from Frank himself:
  • Michigan has not revealed Beckmann’s successor. IMG Sports will make the hire, but Beckmann has a favorite — if he had a say. “I hope they give it to (Doug) Karsch,” Beckmann said of the local radio personality who is sideline reporter for the Michigan radio broadcasts. “He knows the game inside and out. He’s passionate about it. He knows Michigan so well. “I have no say in it. Nobody’s asked me, and that’s how it should be.”
  • Matt Shepard – Shep has done a good job on the hoops radio play-by-play, pumps iron and hosts morning Detroit radio on WDFN.  I’m guessing is the odds-on favorite for the gig assuming he wants it and I assume Shep wants it.
  • Dan Dickerson – I posted this question out on Twitter and the name of Tigers radio voice Dickerson came up a few times.  Dickerson is pretty much money on the baseball calls and even subbed for U-M radio play-by-play in the 1990s.   Assuming he wants it and they’d have him, if the pay was decent you know he’d trade the baseball schedule for college football.
  • Mark Champion – The Pistons radio voice was the cat’s meow as Lion’s radio voice.  Again, got a lot of love for Champion in Twitterverse straw poll and I back it.
  • Others?  Sure, Mike Tirico would be money but I don’t see IMG having…a truck full of money.
  • Your call: Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.
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