Rolla Municipal Utilities began Fiscal Year 2014 with a net loss of $127,754.58 for the month of October.

Rolla Municipal Utilities began Fiscal Year 2014 with a net loss of $127,754.58 for the month of October.
Total operating income was $2,293,027.22, Business/Finance Manager Dennis Roberts reported at the Tuesday, Nov. 26, meeting of the Board of Public Works. The financial report was also presented to the Rolla City Council for its Dec. 2 meeting.
Total operating expenses were $2,460,133.92 for the month, so the operating loss was $167,106.70.
Interest, late fees, frontage fees, rental and other non-operating income helped alleviate the loss by $39,352.12.
For comparison, October's five-year average net income amounts to $62,582.41, made possible by total operating income averaging $2,183,336.99, expenses averaging $2,157,134.05 and other income averaging $35,379.46.
Also at the board meeting, Operation Manager Tom Parker reported the following projects in the Electric Department:
• Industrial park substation: modifications and regulator installation, started March 5, ongoing.
• Buffalo Wild Wings, 1811 N. Bishop Ave., new three-phase overhead distribution system, underground primary line, transformer and meter installation, started Aug. 19 and completed Nov. 5.
• Dewing and Industrial substations: new three-phase 12kV overhead primary distribution tie line installation, started Nov. 5, ongoing.
• Pole audit and maintenance: five poles replaced to date, started Nov. 6, ongoing.
• Salem Avenue: new LED streetlight installation, converted 33 existing fixtures, completed Nov. 16-17.
• RMU Service Dept.: new LED street installation, converted 17 existing fixtures, completed Nov. 18.
Parker also reported these projects in the Water Department:
• Victoria Lane, from Rolla Street to the cul-de-sac, replace existing 6-inch ductile iron water line with 8-inch C900 plastic, installed 40 feet of 6-inch C900, 1,440 feet of 8-inch C900 and three fire hydrants, started Sept. 13 and completed Oct. 28.
• 546-548 Maplewood Drive: 1-inch water tap, completed Oct. 23.
• 1001 N. Rolla St., 4-inch water tap, completed Nov. 7.
• Fourth Street from Rolla to Walnut streets, replace existing 6-inch iron water line with 8-inch C900 plastic, started Nov. 21, ongoing.
Parker also reported the city Public Works Department made street repairs for RMU water projects on 14th Street from 12th Street to Poole Avenue and 16th Street from Pine to Oak streets.
Those repairs amounted to 7,985.97 square feet. The city charges RMU $2.56 per square foot, so the total was $20,443.92.
Parker said the price of the materials has increased, so he expects a rise in the charge the city makes to the utility company.