A 4-H Clover by any other name is still 4-H

Fright Night

          Last week the Ramsey County 4-H Council was happy to again be part of the annual Fright Night Community Party for Halloween.  4-H members, leaders and parents sold cotton candy, popped and sold dozens of bags of popcorn, operated a spin-the-wheel game and two ring toss games. 

We were inundated with little game players and hungry ghosts and goblins.  Over 500 people attended the event! The assortment of costumes worn by the trick-or-treaters was incredible! We saw ninjas, princesses, Supermen, Batgirls, cowgirls, Cleopatra, gangsters, cartoon characters, witches (of course!), puppies, lambs, zombies, lions, kittens and others that I have forgotten.

Our 4-H workers were attired in t-shirts emblazioned with the 4-H clover and other 4-H motifs.  Most attendees recognized us a group and specifically as 4-H which is terrific!  One adult though was convinced we were a cartoon show; he/she just couldn’t remember which one. One young attendee called us green Care-Bears.  Another thought we were many sets of twins.  Which lead to much speculation among our group as to who looked like who and was the best match for a twin.

Our favorite comment though was that we were a sports team named “H”.  Go “H” – all four of them – head, heart, hands and health forever!