President Barack Obama: “If you like your health insurance plan you can keep your health insurance plan—PERIOD! If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor—PERIOD!” Said over and over and over…

President Barack Obama: “If you like your health insurance plan you can keep your health insurance plan—PERIOD! If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor—PERIOD!” Said over and over and over…
Just today, Forbes revealed that up to 93 million people could be dropped by their insurance companies. Forbes claims the Obama Administration knew this in 2010. They used this to sell Obamacare to an unknowing public because they discerned Obamacare would never pass if the truth were known. The Obama Administration, abetted by the Democratic Party, committed fraud upon the American people.
Yesterday, Obama covered up by blaming insurance companies, Republicans, Tea Partiers and an ant farting in Australia for the cancellations. Yet now we know, Obamacare forced the Aetnas, Blue Cross Blue Shields et-al to change their policies, making them ineligible by law to offer you the same policy you liked.
Obama and Sebelius used that in conjunction with the ploy that their lies really don’t matter anymore because you’ll like your new plan better. This adds more counts of fraud to my indictment. People will be forced into a single payer plans run entirely by an all-powerful government. These will not be plans of their choice but what a nanny tyrannical state says is better for you. If you opt out, you will be breaking the law.
Never go with the flow until you know where the waterfalls are
Now that we can see the devastation happening in current time from a government too arrogant to realize its own shortcomings, it’s time to imagine what other damage they can do.
Will they go after our food production? If you think that’s farfetched, explore the rulings of various cities regarding toys in Happy Meals, size of portions, condiment controls, and Michelle Obama’s school lunch plan, rebelled against by almost every student affected. Will the government determine what you eat by controlling crops and food distribution?  
Let’s see how other regimes have done with managing the food production and distribution:
• Russia-In 1932-33 Stalin recognized the Ukraine farmers as being a threat to his onerous rule. Uncle Joe confiscated their farms, grain, animals and guns, murdering or deporting anyone who got in his way. The stolen grain was sold on the foreign market to help finance five year plans for the rest of the country. It’s estimated that 10 million Russians were murdered by starvation and violence during that period.
• China-Mao Zedong is considered by many to be the biggest mass murderer of all time and a hero to Obama’s former Communications Director, Anita Dunn. Following the bloody advent of Communism in China from 1944 to 1957, Mao decided he would suppress all opposition in the country by starving people. Between 1958 and 1962, it’s estimated that he starved or physically murdered 45 million of his countrymen, women and children.
• Korea-When Kim Jong II took over the country in 1994 from his dad, it was already reeling from the death of the USSR, destroyed by the verbal attacks of President Ronald Reagan. The Russians had supplied the N. Koreans with desperately needed fertilizer for a country with an already limited farming area. As the crops failed the rationing began. The army and elite got greedy, keeping more of the food to the point where the farmers and peasants starved. Along came the floods and the revolt of the farmers hiding their grain.  With the ensuing punishments, 3 million Koreans starved in a country of about 23 million in just two years. Hmm, Texas has a population of about 23 million people, too, just in case y’all were wonderin’.
Why am I saying this? If Obama and the Democrats can cost 93 million Americans to lose their insurance, doctors and healthcare, what wouldn’t he do? Just think of the damage that could be wrought against Red States, AKA flyover country.
Remember, this is where the Tea Party flourishes and people are dangerous because they hold on to their guns and bibles.
By the way, in case you’re from the DC Beltway, this is where most of your food comes from.