End home schedule by beating Waynesville, 7-2.

The Rolla High School girls' tennis team had a successful Senior Night on Monday, defeating Waynesville 7-2 in a dual meet at the Ber Juan Park tennis courts.

Rolla is now 6-4 in dual-meet competition.

RHS winners were Ashwini Krishnamurthy, Sara Brooks Daniel, Nirvani Amarakoon, Catie Tune and Iqra Choudhry in singles play and the doubles team of Amarakoon-Daniel and Krishnamurthy-Sam Callier.

The Lady Bulldogs are scheduled to play a dual meet at West Plains on Thursday (4:30 p.m.).

Here are the results, with the RHS players listed first:
Varsity Singles
Ashwini Krishnamurthy beat Emily Salcedo, 8-6.
Sara Brooks Daniel beat Makenzie King, 8-2.
Nirvani Amarakoon beat Kaitlyn Wagner, 8-0.
Sam Callier lost to Lindzie King, 8-6.
Catie Tune beat Clarissa Vance, 8-2.
Iqra Choudhry beat Paige Massey, 8-5.
Amarakoon-Daniel beat Salcedo-Wagner, 9-8 (1).
Krishnamurthy-Callier beat King-King, 9-7.
Choudhry-Tune lost to Vance-Massey, 9-8 (8).
Junior Varsity
Sarah Butler won, 6-2.
Sadhika Jagannathan won, 6-3.
Emma Vincent lost, 8-6.
Janet Qiu lost, 6-0.
Vincent-Lesa Steen lost, 6-4.
Ashanti Owusu Brafi-Sadhika Jagannathan won, 6-0.