One of the most important lessons of history is to be able to recognize a seminal event and/or series of incidents that have a good chance of bringing a disaster of mammoth proportions.

One of the most important lessons of history is to be able to recognize a seminal event and/or series of incidents that have a good chance of bringing a disaster of mammoth proportions. When recognized, one has to intercede if one is to avoid it. I say “one” not as a mere reference to bridge a sentence but as an actual person, solely aligned with a truth and vision of tomorrow based on undeniable facts of today. Brave people who take their missions seriously must sometimes shirk the odds—and just go for it. WW2 General Anthony McAuliffe, at risk of losing his entire force, responded to the Nazis’ demand for his surrender with a one-word-reply: “NUTS!”
Think about the clues Hitler gave in the two-volume book he wrote in the mid-twenties. Mein Kampf revealed his hatred of Jews and his soon-to-be-realized quest for government change and living space for Germans. Here’s what the world did to enable this mass murderer.
• When Hitler broke the Versailles Treaty and rebuilt and rearmed the German Army nobody acted.
• When Hitler began conquering countries in made-up slights to Germany, nobody acted.
• When he threatened Czechoslovakia and was given the green light to attack by Britain’s Prime Minister Chamberlain no one acted.
• Oh, and let us not forget one of the first things Hitler did was national health care. Guess what? No one acted.
• When Hitler allied with The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem he was Hitler’s personal VIP guest, living in Berlin from 1941-’45. After the war the Mufti joined al-Banna in the organization he founded in 1928—the Muslim Brotherhood.
I’m not comparing Obama with Hitler. I’m merely showing what happens when leaders refuse to connect the dots. If you see something there, keep it to yourself or prepare to land on the third rail of PC annihilation.
There was no stopping Hitler after all that. He was given the false impression that he could use this tactic right up until he allowed Japan to attack the USA and turn on the very people who enabled him from Britain and Stalin’s Russia.
Maybe, just maybe, if someone had connected the many clues of what was to be, they would have stopped der Fuehrer. That war cost the world 65 million lives, including the methodical murders of six million Jews and eleven million other so-called enemies, in Hitler’s concentration camps and other killing grounds.
In America today we have had a series of such incidents occurring from the massive spending of a President and Democratic Party to a reckless foreign policy which enables our enemies and puts our friends in fear and mistrust. All this culminates with the imposition Obamacare, a law so slanted it’s been disdained by the very people who wrote and/or lobbied for it.
Almost every day reveals a new nightmare or waiver from the law from a President who has no regard for the law unless it benefits him.
Further, this so-called Constitutional Health Care atrocity, foisted on us by a President and Congress who did not read it is anything but constitutional. It may have been changed from a mandate to a tax by Supreme Court Judas John Roberts but it was passed by Congress as a mandate. Last time I looked, only Congress can pass tax legislation, not the Supremes or even a tyrant wannabe like Obama. Obamacare needs to go back before Congress as a tax, not a mandate. Wonder what its chances would be to be passed by the House today.
America, this isn’t some lame bill to put a jail amongst Senator Durban’s constituents to house fellow Illinois Dems. Obamacare encompasses 1/6th of our economy and strips us of Constitutional rights—FOREVER!
Once Republicans go along with a plan to see it fall on its own they have ceded final defeat. Those who will be bought off by the crass hypocrisy of this so-called health plan disguised for its real purpose of paying off those who will gladly sell off their liberty and willingly enslave themselves and their families to Socialism, it’ll be all over but for the crying for the passing of our form of government—the most successful and righteous in human history.
No matter what the result, Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and the House Republicans and the few Democrats who voted to defund the pending destruction of America should be applauded loudly and backed ferociously.