Everyone wants a president who is trustworthy enough to be patriotic. Barring that, at least he shouldn't be aiding and abetting the enemy. Of course, by that logic, one would assume he could figure out who our enemies are.

Everyone wants a president who is trustworthy enough to be patriotic. Barring that, at least he shouldn't be aiding and abetting the enemy. Of course, by that logic, one would assume he could figure out who our enemies are.
It's obvious that Barack Obama cannot. Further, he seems to have fallen into the rattlesnake's nest of Syria, al-Qaeda, Iran, The Muslim Brotherhood, China and Russia—all exasperated by his delusions of grandeur. It's gotten old—even for his cheerleaders in the press, his military advisors and his progressive base.
Maureen Dowd roasts him and Dennis Kucinich wants to skewer him up for impeachment—please hold the jive and turn down the hip-hop. Ed Asner excuses all of Hollywood by making a point of their soft bigotry by not wanting to refute our president merely because of the color of his skin.
Obama can't take a trip on AF1, play a round of golf with Bite Me or go on Leno without pissing off left and right. The hyenas mentioned above see him, our protector, as the weak, lame duck he's been since his second inception. His proclamations, broken promises and total lack of ability to govern have him separated from the herd. This last venture into vulture country had him searching for lifelines in all the wrong places.
Vladimir Putin: "IT'S SHOWTIME!"
In desperation to save his legacy, Barry opted to bury the whole country under the bus, Redlines be damned! Like another Hollywood pal, Alec Baldwin did in Beetlejuice, Obama called out "Putin" three times, after Vlad called our Secretary of State, John F. Kerry a liar. Putin blew up like a hot air balloon on helium steroids, inflating the ex-KGB head in the eyes of the world.
Obama's deal with comrade evil is already infecting the world. Obama's surrender to Putin is evidence that we will pay quite a bigger price for not firing a few cruise missiles into Syria. Obama, through his ineptness and narcissism has just handed the keys to the Middle East and the Crown of Messiah to Vladimir. Ronald Reagan, who verbally disenfranchised Gorbachev from the USSR's cruel system, must be rolling over in his grave.
Reveling in his new role, Putin wrote a love/hate letter to the USA, lecturing us on everything from exceptionalism, to Christian values, to G-d himself. Putin cited the Pope while Barack egged us to back al-Qaeda.
Our president, apparently annoyed at not being chosen as the First Black Pope, bequeathed his position as Messiah and handed it to the son of the EVIL EMPIRE. Don't get me wrong, Putin's op-ed appears good, intelligent and reasonable. However, one has to kick himself to remember what journalists in Russia who have disagreed with Vladimir in the Soviet press might say. Some would be commenting from the Gulags—others from the grave.
Israel: The greener grass on the other side browns quicker
It's not just America who's going to pay for our extraordinarily stupid incumbent. Putin realized that Barry has less intelligence than one his wardrobe choices (The suits, at least, succumbed to the tailor's ability to form them). Yesterday, Putie went to the Iranians and offered them a missile defense system that'll allow them to produce nukes, unfettered by any weapons the Israelis have. Then, Iran's Ayatollahs will have an open Jihad to "…wipe Israel off the face of the earth."
Further, Vlad has guaranteed himself the head seat at the table on any future negotiations in the Middle East—or anywhere, for that matter.
If Putin wants, he could take anything and everything in the world that America owns and demand a few things that we don't, simply by making it part of the deal that we don't bitch-slap Syria and Assad. You want to bomb Syria? It'll be a lot more risky to do it with Russian troops on the ground and a Russian armada in the Mediterranean for at least the next decade to "verify" and "destroy" WMDs. Israelis take note!
In case you think KGB-trained Putin is gonna relent his power once problems are "solved," ask New England Patriot's owner Robert Kraft if he's gotten his Super Bowl ring back. Putin asked to hold and admire it. Kraft will have to win another world football championship before he owns another ring like that.
US reaction to Vlad's missive, except for Obama has been derogatory and bipartisan. Democratic Senator Menendez said Putin's op-ed made him want to puke.
John McCain tweeted, "Putin's NYT op-ed is an insult to the intelligence of every American."
Every American except perhaps, Barack Hussein Obama.