Festival of Arts is this weekend!

It’s back to school time! This year, you may notice even more folks with backpacks and messenger bags. . . . They represent Boonville’s growing student body at State Fair Community College. The school is offering an impressive array of courses as well as some life-long learning classes at Kemper.

Back to school time also means one other season- Festival of Arts weekend. The Festival kicks off August 22 and has concerts through Saturday. Tickets are still available for all nights and can be purchased at the Friends office or by calling, 660-882-7977. David Halen is the Concertmaster for the St. Louis Symphony and every year he brings his passion and enthusiasm to Boonville as the artistic director for the Festival of the Arts. Many of you may be thinking that classical music isn’t your thing- but that is one of the great things about Mr. Halen- he is creative and willing to mix it up for all of us in the audience.

The festival is a great way to introduce all of us to classical music, talented musicians and cool instruments. Each year, Macie and I go to a concert; I love watching her eyes light up. Admittedly, we don’t really listen to classical music in the house, so the Festival is a great way to expose her to something new. Usually every year she comes home telling me that she wants to become a violin player, pianist, or oboe player. Whether she actually follows up on these dreams doesn’t matter, I love that she gets to have these dreams at all. Best of all, this happens in our backyard!

The Friends work hard to provide creative, unique, and affordable arts programming to Boonville each year. In the process, they also bring hundreds of visitors to our community each year to enjoy Thespian Hall and two (Big Muddy and Festival of the Arts) music festivals. As citizens, we are the beneficiaries of their hard work and dedication. So, Thanks to the Friends for everything you do- particularly for providing Macie an avenue to dream big about her future. Play Local, Shop Local, and Go Boonville!