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  • Dave Weinbaum: Does Obama's fascination with the Muslim Brotherhood border on Schizophrenia?

  • From the beginning of his first term, President Obama sought to end our conflicts with Islamists by apologizing for past misbehaviors. I’m not sure what his thought process was, but based on a history of continued religious battles from about 1,000 years before Mohammed breathed his first breath, warring has been preval...
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  • From the beginning of his first term, President Obama sought to end our conflicts with Islamists by apologizing for past misbehaviors. I’m not sure what his thought process was, but based on a history of continued religious battles from about 1,000 years before Mohammed breathed his first breath, warring has been prevalent in the Middle East. Fracases have ensued since Cain murdered Able somewhere near a future Saddam Hussein palace.
    The advent of Islam, a religion at war with itself and outside world, preceded the establishment of the USA by 1,100 years. In a previous article, I revealed that our first conflict with Islam occurred when they began attacking our trade ships near what is now Libya in 1785 with the only provocation being that we weren’t Muslims.
    Many of the spiritual ancestors of those Muslims have aligned themselves to deliver either corpses or Muslim converts to the feet of Allah, in the name of his Messenger, Mohammed. One of those groups was born in 1928. They are known as The Muslim Brotherhood.
    One would have thought a scholar like Obama could have remembered this history from Indonesia where he went to a Muslim School, high school back in Hawaii, Columbia University, or Hahvad.
    Apparently he must have been playing spades or sleeping through class just like he snoozed thru Benghazi.
    Actually Obama was schooled or, as some might say, misdirected. He attended church under Reverend Wright who taught the Obama family that on 9/11 “…America’s chickens came home to roost!” I’m reasonably sure Obama also spent time with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan whose opinions on America seem to be if the evil whites and Jews all disappeared, things might change for the better.
    How has this unjustifiable cowering before Muslims matriculated into Obama foreign policy?
    1. On the one hand, Israel has been slapped while the USA coddles Hamas and Hezbollah.
    2. On the other hand, Obama-sent drones have killed many a terrorist leader, culminating in the execution of Osama bin Laden.
    3. On the other hand, Israelis are ordered to stop building homes for Jews in Israel while hundreds of millions of US taxpayer Benjamins find their way into terrorist hands.
    4. On the other hand, Obama has convinced the majority of American Jews what a friend he is to Israel.
    5. On the other hand, Obama was witnessed putting a prayer message in one of the crevices of the Wailing Wall. I don’t for a minute don’t believe the rumor that Obama’s message read, “Ha, Israel—you’ve been punked!”
    6. On the other hand, after almost a year of lying and no arrests from the Benghazi torture and murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, the DOJ issued an unenforceable indictment of a bragging terror leader, Ansar al-Sharia. This is exactly what our intern-dabbling President Clinton did in 1998 to Osama bin-Laden. Rumor was Osama laughed so hard he burst a kidney. Just three years later we all found out how effective a deterrent that was on 9/11.
    Page 2 of 3 - Having run out of other hands, I must conclude that our President has a mind to do the opposite of common sense. He is a long-time backer of one of America’s biggest enemies, The Muslim Brotherhood and he’s infiltrated their presence throughout our government.
    Obama cancelled the History Channel—too many repeats
    Born in 1928, The Brotherhood grew quickly to be a more stringent follower of the Koran than other Muslims. They also sought to impose themselves on the lives of their brethren either through legal elections or assassination and stealth.
    In the 30’s and early 40’s, they became enthralled with an up-and-coming Jew-hater in Germany, Adolf Hitler. Brotherhood founder al-Banna and fellow anti-Semite, Hitler developed a close relationship, helping insure the Nazi’s murder of 17 million people, including six million Jews during the Holocaust. They also urged Arab/Muslims to fight against the allied forces during WW2.
    After WW2, The Brothers participated in what they considered easy pickings--the attack on a fledgling Israel within days of the UN vote that reaffirmed its G-d-Given right to live in peace as the Jewish State.
    Via many assassination attempts starting with Egyptian King Farouk and his administration, they first backed the next leader Nasser, and then turned on him in the late 40’s. In fact, al-Banna was killed by the Nasser Government in 1949.
    The Egyptian faction of the Brotherhood was banned and jailed, let go, then has had the process repeated over the last 65 years.
    The biggest blow to them was the peace treaty signed by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat with Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin in 1979. The Brotherhood’s anger led to Sadat’s assassination in 1981. Vice President Hosni Mubarak assumed the leadership and angered the Brotherhood once again when he bravely committed to the peace with Israel that had cost the life of Sadat.
    Mubarak kept that peace until he was overthrown in 2011 by a group backed by—guess who? The Obama Administration. The Brotherhood took over and President Morsi couldn’t wait to dismantle the very democracy he was elected from.
    Further, has it not occurred to the President that the current leader of al-Qaeda is none other than Egyptian Muslim Brother and successor to Osama bin-Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri?
    My psychiatrist had a sale—she said I was only half off
    Based on his totally confusing leadership or lack thereof, President Obama has lost all respect in the Middle East, including our Ally of 65 years, Israel. He cooperates with the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood in their revolts in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Libya, while turning his back on Iranians trying to rid themselves of the very Mullahs who are closely allied with the Brotherhood while threatening to wipe our ally Israel from the map.
    Page 3 of 3 - Our president continues to aid and abet The Muslim Brotherhood, murderers of Christians and burners of their Churches, while backing our other enemies, al-Qaeda and their franchises in and around a very vulnerable Israel.
    One definition of Schizophrenia is a “…mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes by a deficit of typical emotional responses. Common symptoms include auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions or disorganized speech and thinking and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction…”
    Is there a psychiatrist in the House—or the Senate?
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