Another year has come and gone.

So it was my birthday the other day.  August 20th to be exact.  So I began pondering things that I've done over the year.  It made me want more out of this next year.  I've set a weightloss goal for the year and this time, I want more than anything to reach. 

Corbin will be four in December and lately, all my friends have been having babies or announcing they were pregnant.  It's given me baby fever.  However, I know I'm not heathly enough at this point to have a baby.  Parts of my body ache all the time and I know it's because of my weight.  I just want my joints to stop hurting and to be able to walk up stairs without getting winded.  This time next year when I'm blogging, I'll be at least 50lbs lighter.  You can bet on it!

New Year, New Goals, New me.