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  • Alderwoman residency issue put to rest

  • DOOLITTLE — The question of whether Doolittle Ward 2 Alderwoman Sherry Pierce is a resident of the City of Doolittle has been answered
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  • DOOLITTLE — The question of whether Doolittle Ward 2 Alderwoman Sherry Pierce is a resident of the City of Doolittle has been answered. With much enthusiasm, Doolittle's Mayor Paul Smith read a letter from the city's attorney Lance Thurman Monday at the Board of Alderman meeting. The letter emphatically stated that Sherry Pierce meets the residency requirements to be an alderperson.
    "I appreciate our attorney's work on this. And I would find it hard to counter this point of view and would encourage the Board to recognize this finding," said Smith.
    The board voted to recognize the letter and to make it part of their record.
    In other business, Doolittle Chief of Police Scott Jones petitioned the board to authorize the purchase of two new portable radios to comply to the Phelps County's new digital format. According to the chief, the radios will cost around $5, 000.00. The board approved the purchase with money to be used from the town's police car fund.
    Mayor Smith and the board noted that they are quite pleased with the work of Travis Gray.
    "You're doing a good job," Mayor Smith said.
    Gray replaced longtime Doolittle maintenance man David Schmickle last month. In his report to the Board, Gray said that all the brush along MacArthur and Eisenhower has been cut and chipped. Due to all the rain over the last month, Gray has been doing a lot of sewer work. In fact, he has replaced around four pumps over the last four weeks.
    Two residents in attendance questioned the board of alderman and the mayor as to why they do not enforce a clean up to 'eyesore' property owners. In response Police Chief Jones said that he has no problem enforcing this nuisance laws but needs more support from the board to send out the letters and follow the guidelines. In the end, the board said that they would support him.
    Finally, the board reversed dollar amounts which were approved last month for road maintenance and brush removal. The mayor petitioned the board to approve $10,000 for asphalt repair and $6,000 for brush removal; which they did. However Alderwoman Zelma Smith voted with hesitancy.
    "I wasn't impressed what we did last year in terms of asphalt," she said. "It was bad. Now if you guys can watch this and do a good job than I have no problem."
    The public board of alderman meeting was followed by a closed session where personal and legal were to be discussed according to the mayor.
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