Phelps County Regional Medical Center Wednesday night took a couple of steps to increase its share of the health care market in south central Missouri.

Phelps County Regional Medical Center Wednesday night took a couple of steps to increase its share of the health care market in south central Missouri.

“We have to expand our footprint,” CEO John Denbo said during a presentation on the institution’s strategic goals and objectives.

Even before formally adopting the full strategic document for 2013-2015, the board pulled a couple of the goals out and gave them its seal of approval.

In one vote the board unanimously approved a motion to direct the administration to begin the steps necessary to increase market share in the hospital’s secondary market, specifically Pulaski County.

In the second vote, the board further directed the administration to begin the work necessary to make the Delbert Day Cancer Institute the leading cancer treatment facility in south central Missouri.

After that, the board voted to adopt the strategic document that has been the result of many hours of deliberation by board members, senior administration and medical administration.
Denbo, in a presentation he titled “Weathering the Storm of Healthcare Reform,” explained the process behind the forming of the 2013-15 strategic goals and objectives.

He noted the first step was to review the mission, vision and values statements. The next step was to consider both external and internal influences, which includes political and social policy from state and federal governments. Identification of critical success factors came next, then development of the goals and objectives, followed by an action plan. There will also be performance measures and follow-up and corrections.

What was done Wednesday night appeared to be a combination of follow-up to the 2012-2014 strategies and formulation of new strategies for the 2013-2015.

The strategies break down into seven areas:

• People
• System improvements
• Patient care
• Quality and safety
• Finance
• Expansion of health care services
• Board/governance

The theme throughout the areas is delivery of excellent patient care.

The strategies indicate the board is looking for employees highly engaged in providing excellent patient experiences with the help of improvements in the system and increased emphasis on patient-centered care.

Denbo said there will be increased talk about a “new model of care,” though he did not go into details.

Some of the strategies fall into line with federal changes that require hospitals to provide so-called “value-added” care and “evidence-based practices.”

Financially speaking, the strategies call for tactics to assure financial sustainability of the hospital. Among the steps to be taken are changes to reduce the Medicare “take-backs,” i.e. requirements that the hospital repay some of the already-low Medicare payments for service to patients.

The hospital board will also continue to support the hospital foundation’s efforts to attract philanthropic donations.

“We need to point out constantly we are not a tax-supported institution,” board Chairman John Park stressed.