New hobby store coming to town

August will mark the one-year anniversary for Buck or More Dollar Store at 100 East Highway 72  and the store's owners are already planning to expand.

Owners Tim and Vickie Flegel are branching out into the world of remote control toys — helicopters, cars, boats and planes.

"I grew up with gas-powered radio-controlled helicopters," said Tim Flegel. That was 15 or so years ago. Today, the electronics have improved so much that they have become quite affordable for most people."

Earlier this year, Flegel put some smaller radio-controlled helicopters up on his shelves behind the counter of his discount store.

"I thought I would trying giving them a sell. They looked like a lot of fun and they really took off with a bang," he said.

So much so, that he hopes to have the retail space one door down from the Buck or More store converted into a new hobby shop. It will specialize in the sales and service of remote controlled (RC) recreational sports. He is looking to have it up and running within a month.

"This town needs a good hobby store that has a good knowledge of RC toys," Flegel shared. "I talked to a number of people in town who said that a lot of the kids in the area have these things."

Outside of the immediate area, Flegel has done his homework and knows that there are many remote control hobbyists at Fort Leonard Wood. He looks forward to targeting his goods and services to that market as well. Specifically, he knows that there is a big RC flying club on base.

The retired commercial truck driver and St. James native explained that a lot of people get into this hobby via the Internet.

According to Flegel, they will often buy a car or an airplane via a website but if something breaks or goes wrong, they are out of luck in terms of timely repairs.

That is where his new store will come in. His service department will be able to handle parts and repairs on site and in a timely manner.

Already he has helped a handful of people in town as his reputation as "the remote-control sports guy" has begun to spread.

Initially, Flegel said the new store's focus will primarily be on RC helicopters with a price range of $30 to $1,500. He wants to eventually have a large selection of not only helicopters but also airplanes, boats and cars, large and small.