It can be a challenge finding innovative ways to solicit dollars for animal rescue.

  Since we started down the bumpy rescue road nearly 6 years ago with the Uffda Fund for Animals I am frequently amazed by the generosity of people - even those who don't own pets. For instance there are a number of folks who choose to give a memorial donation upon the passing of a loved one, friend or neighbor, particularly if the person was an animal lover. Then there are all the people who drop their change in the Spare Change Jars at the C-stops and other businesses. Our board of directors has held raffles, donation campaigns, done presentations to service clubs and completed numerous grant applications for available charity dollars.

  If only that were enough to provide spay, neuter, vaccinations, restorative health care, food and shelter for all the hundreds of abandoned cats and dogs that have passed through Uffda's hands since we began. One such animal is a recent victim of a hit and run incident. The family who witnessed this despicable act of cruelty brought the poor kitty in to our vet service. Thanks to them, this lovely cat will recover and hopefully find a loving home where he can live out his remaining eight lives.

Yes, the animals just keep on coming and we have to find ways of raising dollars. One rather painless way to do this is about to happen in August - our third annual Uffda/Schwan's Foods Truckload Event. This will take place in Cando at the Cenex C-Stop parking lot from 12:30-6:00pm Saturday. Customers can complete pre-order forms and pick up the order plus any spur-of-the-moment items on the day. For those who can't pick up on the 10th there is the option of purchasing Schwan's gift cards online. Just go to and note the Uffda campaign ID # 43757. Last year Uffda received a check for over $1500 from Schwan's total sales. This is a win-win for the company, for Uffda and for the customers who chose to support Uffda in this way.

  Incidently the accompanying photo is our own sweet Abby the Tabby. She came to us as a tiny lost kitten and helped plant the seeds that began the Uffda Fund. Bless her!