Geology forced Pathways Community Healthcare Inc. to go back to the drawing board on a plan to split its lot so a second building could be constructed.

The Rolla City Council Monday night approved the final reading, 10-0, of an ordinance accepting an amended subdivision plat of Pathways Addition, Plat No. 2, a resubdivision of Pathways Addition.

Located near the intersection of 10th Street and Green Tree Road, the property is split into two lots by the new plat. The lots are one behind the other with a narrow strip reaching from the back of the lot to the street.

On paper, the back lot bears a resemblance to a flag on a flagpole; consequently, the lot is referred to as a "flag lot" in the zoning code.

Community Development Director John Petersen said the total lot consists of 2.5 acres and is zoned C-1.

"A large rock outcropping was discovered during construction which required the new building and the flag lot to be shifted to the east, thus creating the need to amend the final plat of the Pathways Addition subdivision," Petersen told the council.

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved the revised plat on July 9 and recommended it to the council.