The Zimmerman verdict is just the end of the beginning, but it ought to be the beginning of the just. While I acknowledge this killing of a youth, any youth was a tragedy, Zimmerman was ruled by a jury of his peers to be not guilty on all charges.

The Zimmerman verdict is just the end of the beginning, but it ought to be the beginning of the just. While I acknowledge this killing of a youth, any youth was a tragedy, Zimmerman was ruled by a jury of his peers to be not guilty on all charges.

Unlike the OJ case, which involved a plethora of evidence at the crime scene of OJ’s DNA and shoeprints, he was acquitted just like George was. I believe now it could be said that Simpson got away with murder one—a black man’s near decapitation of his white ex-wife and a Jewish man slashed with the same knife. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember any whites rioting, The National Organization of Women bleating out about this known wife-beater, nor the Anti-Defamation League objecting to the waste of a young Jewish man’s life.

As the current verdict news has spread and the speeches spewed, we’re finding out all sorts of interesting revelations about the Zimmerman trial. Below are some of them:

1.       Anyone will be arrested and tried in this country if the powers that be decide so, despite the determination of the local authorities.

2.       Even in an inscrutably fair trial, if the verdict doesn’t match what the LOIS (Low Information Syndrome) sufferers want, the case must be retried until some jury gets it right!

3.       Jesse Jackson just called George Zimmerman a “known murderer.” He’s climbing up there on the Zim suit list!

4.       If the current ethnicity target of your anger doesn’t match the actual, change it. Zimmerman was first ID’d by the New Black Panthers as an evil Jew. Now he’s just a white Hispanic. Guess that makes Obama a white African.

5.       Evidence has no place in the battle to keep the black man a victim.

6.       Ignoring black on black crime is essential to the theory that all black problems stem from evil whites and their tilted systems.

7.       Our white African President has spent his entire presidency fixing racial problems that only exist in his and Eric Holder’s imagination. Want to fix racial problems? Start in the black communities.

8.       Race hustling is up there with bankruptcy lawyers as one of the few booming industries under the Obama Administration.

9.       Rachel Jenteal is on the road to being the chief intellect in the liberal black community—right up there with Al Sharpton. Just ask her—or Piers Morgan.

10.   Rioting is justified as long as you’re beating up whites and Hispanics in order to honor Trayvon.

11.   It’s important to let potential jurors know early about a victim and his probability of him looking like Obama Junior way before the case is tried—you know—so you’ll have a predictably guilty verdict without your fingerprints on it.

12.   A death of a black man by a gun is never justified by self-defense unless the killing is done by other black men.

13.   If you’re black, breaking windows, beating up ethnics, stopping traffic on major highways and looting does not a riot make! My source? Eric Holder.

14.   Whites must educate their children that it’s racist to protect yourself when attacked by a black, including giving up your right to live.

15.   I never knew a hoodie was anything more than something I wore on a cold day on the golf course or to sweat in at the gym. Now I know it’s a symbol of black victimhood.

16.   The NAACP discriminates against all conservatives, black or otherwise.

17.   Trayvon Martin may have attacked Zimmerman because he thought George was a gay rapist. He was told this by self-anointed genius and star persecution witness, Rachel Jeantel before Trayvon broke George’s nose with a sucker punch and started slamming his head against the cement sidewalk.

18.   Judges can treat anyone like sh*t—just to show off their power.

19.   How to run a shameful prosecution and a brilliant defense.

20.   Zimmerman may be in hiding, but his lawyers are not. Listening to my advice, they’ve lost no time suing NBC. Obama’s personal peacock has admitted tampering with transcripts to make George look guilty.

21.   A good portion of our population wants to govern by mob-think instead of rule of law.

22.   We are officially living in a bizarre world of parallel truths and fantasies.

23.   This is the same rationale the Nazis used to commit genocide on Jews. Remember Kristallnaught?

24.   The Stand Your Ground law was NOT used by the defense in this case.

25.   When the Martins’ attorneys and the prosecutors claimed the trial wasn’t about race--it was.

26.   While the race-baiters are out ginning up riots against whites and Hispanics, the media and Congress have taken their attention away from Benghazi, IRS, Holder’s attack on the press while lying to Congress, the Obamacare implosion, the limp economy, black unemployment and the continued murders of black youths by black youths. Of course they paid no attention to the latter before the Zimmerman trial.

27.   The only crimes committed the night Trayvon Martin was killed were by Trayvon when he fractured George Zimmerman’s nose, straddled him in MMA “ground and pound” style and continually smashed Zimmerman’s head into a cement sidewalk.

28.   The DOJ shopping for clues to substantiate its unfounded claims that Zimmerman was a homicidal racist. I guess Holder’s FBI wasn’t good enough to judge George as a non-racist based on a thorough 47 interview investigation into every second of Zimmerman’s life.

29.   The average IQ of liberal Hollywood has to be somewhere under 50 in matters of race.

30.   Rachel Jeantel, star prosecution witness, opined that Trayvon threw the first punch.

Note to Zimmerman’s lawyers: I respectfully suggest further suits be served upon CNN forpublishing Zimmerman’s SSN, the State of Florida for false and malicious prosecution, the Justice Department, President Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the New Black Panthers. If George has to live his life in a nightmare, he may as well do it with a few well-deserved shekels from the race hustlers, liars and thieves.