There are few tragedies worse than losing a child. The Martins and their family have lost their son. That is incredibly sad and horrid. There is a trial afoot and if the man who killed Treyvon is convicted, I believe that there will be two disasters.

There are few tragedies worse than losing a child. The Martins and their family have lost their son. That is incredibly sad and horrid. There is a trial afoot and if the man who killed Treyvon is convicted, I believe that there will be two disasters.

OJ and George: A tale of two murder trials

Before I became a writer, I was a news junkie. Amongst events I couldn't get enough of was the OJ Simpson case. I was especially interested in how a black celebrity who lived a well-earned, upper class life with a beautiful white wife and family suddenly became the press's version of an oppressed black man who'd just escaped from the Master and still showed the wounds of his slavery. One would have thought that he was shackled and whipped outside of camera range because he merely looked at a white woman much less married and had children with.

No doubt that before the early 70's, both blacks and whites would have been upset by the mixing of the races. Few in 1994 gave a hoot that OJ married a white woman, hung out with mostly white cops—and his many Caucasian celebrity pals he partied with. Hell, he even kept a white pet, a surfer/pool boy, on the premises. Remember Kato?

I was an OJ fan because he was one of the greatest athletes of all time. The Buffalo Bill guard who led him on his adventures into the defensive backfields of the NFL was Reggie McKenzie. Reggie was beat in a challenge by my co-starting guard at Evanston Township High School, a walk-on for Michigan's Bo Schembechler's first Rose Bowl team, Joe Jones.

Also, I thought Simpson's starring roles as the dupe in Police Squad movies opposite Leslie Nielson were hilarious.

I was enamored with the Simpson murder trial from day one. For those suffering from LOIS (Low Information Syndrome)—no, not the IRS criminal, Lois Lerner--OJ was accused of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole, and a poor Jewish kid, Ron Goldman. Ron was a waiter who happened to be returning Nicole's reading glasses from a restaurant she was just in. Both were murdered with the same knife—Nicole was nearly decapitated.

It seemed to me that whites were sure Simpson was guilty and blacks were positive Juice was framed by a cabal of racist KKK LA Kops.

The OJ trial had everything: Race, celebrity, police and prosecutorial incompetence, entertainment, sex, wife abuse, the NFL and one hell of a car chase. In the end, OJ was acquitted by a famous moment in judicial history--with a glove that didn't fit.

Later, the National Enquirer published a photo of what Simpson denied in his trial testimony—that he'd never owned those "ugly ass" Bruno Magli shoes. The picture was taken at a pro football game a year before the murders. Those "UA" shoes left all sorts of easily identifiable prints in the massive blood pools poured out from Nicole and Ron as a result of Simpson's vicious slashes. It was part of the proof used in the civil trial where OJ was held liable for the murders and ordered to pay millions to Nicole and Ron's families. Of course, he later reneged.

What stood out to me—the thing I remember most other than black friends who were sure he was innocent, was the video of a house for abused women, shown right after the OJ jury acquitted him. All the women that I could see were black. They were laughing--screaming and crying for joy--all at the acquittal of Orenthal James Simpson.

Now to the Zimmerman trial, some observations:

The case became cause celeb when the race hustlers, The New Black Panthers, Sharpton, Jackson and Obama, decided to override Florida law and put immense pressure to have Zimmerman arrested, whether merited or not. Sanford Chief of Police, Bill Lee was fired when he refused to heed the political pressure to illegally lynch Zimmerman.Thinking perhaps that Zimmerman was white and possibly Jewish; all the race baiters sank their teeth into this. They were so deep into it that when they found that George was Latino with some white blood, they doubled down, full speed ahead—KKK and Jewish Defense League be dammed!The DOJ spent taxpayer cash protecting mobs who demonstrating to lynch Zimmerman who hadn't been charged with a crime yet.The New Black Panthers put up a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman's capture, dead or alive. Now they're threatening to invade white suburbs and burn them down—unless George is convicted.Based on the testimony of all the key prosecution witnesses---Zimmerman was within his rights to defend himself based on Florida SYG law.Just this morning, the prosecution, clearly knowing they had no case, threw a whole storage locker full of other crimes George could be charged with. What's next? Noise violation?Here we have the story of two racially charged trials, one with clear evidence of murder and an acquittal due to prosecutorial incompetence and one where it's so obvious there's no case that 90% of the Prosecution's witnesses and displays have been used by the defense to bolster Zimmerman's case for acquittal.

But here's the dilemma: In both the Simpson and the Zimmerman trials, riots were threatened if one was found guilty and the other acquitted. In the case of Zimmerman, as most things today, it's become part of Obama's and other race hustlers mantra that "white Hispanic", George Zimmerman be found guilty, not by the evidence but by the race hustlers in support of the Obama Administration and most of the blacks in this country.

You can't convince me that in either case the threat of violence to those prosecuting OJ and those who are defending George Zimmerman aren't affected by those fears.

In fact, all one needs do is review the aberrant, biased behavior of the one person who is supposed to remain impartial and fair throughout the proceeding: Judge Debra Nelson.

Tomorrow? The defense closes.