Man identified as James Dunham

The 91-year-old Pulaski County man who was severely hurt in a robbery at his home earlier this month remains hospitalized, while recovering from his injuries.

The man identified as James Dunham was brutally beaten after walking in on the suspects during a burglary of his home, according to Pulaski County Sheriff Ronald Long.

Dunham was assaulted by the suspects while he attempted to stop the crime, according to the sheriff. Pulaski County sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene after an acquaintance discovered the victim at his home shortly after the incident occurred.

Dunham’s robbery is being aggressively investigated by county detectives, and significant progress is being made, the sheriff said.

Several people of interest have been identified, with one currently being held in the Pulaski County Jail on unrelated charges.

Some of the property stolen from Dunham has been recovered, which will aid detectives with the investigation of this case.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department is still asking for anyone with information concerning this incident to contact the agency at 573-774-6196, or call the tip line at 573-774-7948.