Who says I don’t relish in my opponent’s opinions? This is the final entry of my three-quel of my reach-out to President Obama’s supporters. I credit any liberal who stands up to my withering sarcasm and amazing analytical talents.

Who says I don’t relish in my opponent’s opinions? This is the final entry of my three-quel of my reach-out to President Obama’s supporters.  I credit any liberal who stands up to my withering sarcasm and amazing analytical talents. (Inserted by my agent) By virtue of his chutzpah in challenging me, Kevin is in the running to replace the long embattled Obama press secretary, Jay Carney. However, Kevin must show credentials by graduating with a degree from the Hahvad School of Narcissistic Reporting and Karaoke AKA SNARK. Without further ado, my questions, Kevin’s critiques and my response:

5. Does it bother you that most of what was promised by Obama and Democrats in Congress about Obamacare isn't true?

Kevin: Well, from what I have read so far, and what my HR reps say, it’s not going to really change much--so we will see won't we...

Me: http://www.glennbeck.com/2013/06/03/the-documented-obama-lies-healthcare/ from the ability to keep your own doctor, to your own insurance company, death panels, to a national takeover of the HC system, to dramatically increased insurance rates today and even more as estimated by the IRS in the future etc., etc., it’s an incredible stack of lies—okay mistakes. Of course it would help if Obama would fess up to them.
Maybe you should look at some other sources, Kevin. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s infamous screed, “We’ll have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” ‘Nuff said!

6. Should there be a Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate for crimes committed? If so, who should appoint one?

Kevin: In the case of a crime being committed, yes--but to just want it because some people think there was a crime, not just no--but hell no!

Me: The IRS representatives have already admitted to civil rights crimes. Eric Holder committed a felony by lying to Congress. Holder threatened the right of our free press when he tapped the phones of over 100 AP reporters. Then he either lied to a judge or to Congress when he accused Fox News reporter James Rosen of a crime and then later said he had no intention of prosecuting him.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Hell, Democrats are even calling for a Special Prosecutor just to get the scandals out of the news cycle. The 2014 elections cannot come too soon!

7. Knowing what you know now, would you vote for Obama or those who are liable to behave like Obama?

Kevin: YES just because he hasn’t done everything I wanted, doesn’t mean that I will not vote Dem again.

Dave: How much further do you want him to go to destroy America, Kevin? He’s done a pretty good job of wrecking the economy, creating more debt than all the presidents combined, making us the laughing stock of the world, putting our allies at risk by backing the American and Israeli-hating Muslim Brotherhood with its al-Qaeda ties, apologizing to the Muslims about Bush in particular and America in general—then adopting most of the same policies from the Bush Administration!

Do you know that 26% of Obama supporters think that the Tea Party is a worse terrorist threat to America than fanatical Islamists? Please tell me you’re not one of them.

Many in his own party are turning on him. His numbers are going south and in order to keep their election hopes alive, they’ll need to be going north.

8. Are we in a police state?

Kevin: You’re STUPID to even ask. Go to a country that is a police state and then ask. For some reason, you try to play on people’s fears about this.

Me: They aren’t just fears expressed by others. Many liberals are piping up with their fears of losing First and Fourth Amendment rights from Al Gore to Chris Matthews to the ACLU. As Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty.”

9. Finally, what would be your reaction if Bush was caught up in the same scandals?

Kevin: In my view, Bush has done more harm to this country. From the start of the war in Iraq, all the American lives lost were because of the BIG LIE!! Over three thousand young Americans gone because of a LIE!

Me: Kevin, Bush didn’t tell a lie. The 2002 war to invade Saddam Hussein was 297 for, 133 against in the House and 77 for, 23 against in the Senate. 29 Dem Senators VOTED TO GO TO WAR WITH IRAQ! WERE THEY LYING, TOO?

Even now, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, an acknowledged Obama supporter in both his elections, insists that all the intel in this country and around the world pointed to Hussein having WMDS. Dems were calling for attacks on Iraq during the Clinton Presidency. It would have been irresponsible for Bush not to have attacked after the unsure times just after 9/11.

Ideas are king-their sources commoners

Despite the above, this missive wasn’t just for Kevin. It’s part of my outreach to all who follow President Barack Obama and the Dems on what I believe to be a tragic course for America.
Liberals, all I ask is to please keep your eyes and ears open as I am pledged to do the same with your ideas and opinions.