JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Jay Nixon today signed into law several bills, and vetoed Senate Bill 29.

The Governor signed:

House Bill 307, which, among other provisions, sets forth the conditions necessary for a city to remove a non-elected police chief.

Senate Bill 47, which is designed to help more neglected and abused children move out of foster care by allowing specified relatives and close non-related guardians to receive the same adoption subsidies offered to adoptive parents.

Senate Bill 159, which limits co-pays for prescribed physical therapy treatment to not more than what is charged for a visit to a primary care physician.

Senate Bill 229, which clarifies the criminal offenses that disqualify a person from working at the Department of Mental Health.

Senate Bill 257, which clarifies and streamlines the process of establishing a Port Improvement District (PID) and eliminates a provision prohibiting the establishment of such districts in Clay County.

House Bill 58, which deals with requirements on vendors selling portable electronic insurance coverage.

House Bill 212, which changes the laws regarding secured transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code.

House Bill 498, which eliminates certain requirements for corporate dividends paid from paid-in surplus.

The Governor vetoed:

Senate Bill 29, which would have imposed an additional and unnecessary process on public employees for the purposes of hindering their Constitutionally-guaranteed right to organize and bargain collectively.