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By Mickala
Mickala is the new summer intern at The Lake Sun. She will be writing frequently to share her experiences straight from the newsroom. She is a Camdenton high school student who is interested in journalism as a career.
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June 25, 2013 5:21 p.m.

I’ve just returned back to work after a week of camping with my family. It is a family tradition to go “rough it” every summer for a week and it is always a grand time! We fish, eat, talk, sit around the campfire, eat more, and just enjoy the great outdoors and the company of family members that we don’t see often enough. Despite the heat and some pop up thunderstorms, we all came out fairly unscathed besides some sunburns and bug bites. (Injuries have been known to happen, it is “rough” out there)
This year was especially notable for me because it will likely be one of the last, if not the last camping trip I get to take with everyone as I will be going away to college next year. I hope to still come home in the summers and have the opportunity to go on the traditional trip, but it will probably more of a struggle to work into my schedule with school and work. So, I am trying to savor these trips and time with my family which I have long took for granted. It really has just recently hit me how I am basically an adult and will soon be moving out and going to college, paying taxes, and grocery shopping for myself. I’m excited for all of this, but also a bit nervous! Surely if I can survive some very rustic camping for a week, I can survive that though!†
Besides camping I have also just acquired a job at Burger King! It’s not nearly as cool as being an intern at a newspaper, but it will pay me and fill some of my free time up on weekends. My friends always seem to be at work, so I am often alone and bored, though I’m quite good at finding something to do on my own. Two of my friends, including one of my best friends, work there also, so it will be enjoyable to a degree and we can carpool! My first day is Friday and I’m quite excited!
I took many pictures while camping and will upload them soon for your enjoyment! Until then!

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