In my last week’s column I posted 20 questions for Obama supporters. Boy, did I get a response! Well—just “a” reply from a lefty. Conservatives were all over it, but this column wasn’t for them.

In my last week’s column I posted 20 questions for Obama supporters. Boy, did I get a response! Well—just “a” reply from a lefty. Conservatives were all over it, but this column wasn’t for them.

Unless you live in Branson, you’d probably know that most Dems aren’t answering questions lately. Our President goes into hiding every chance he gets. Hillary is behind the scenes preparing for her anointment as the Dem Presidential candidate.

The ones who do testify either lie to Congress (a felony), plead the Fifth (a shame), or claim, like Sergeant Shultz, they know nothing!

Saying this, I admit the response was a spirited one. Therefore, by the Power of the Pundits vested in me, I hereby declare that Kevin’s response represents the entire liberal Obama supporting world. I WILL be sending my notarized signed copy to Congressman Rodney Davis, R. IL., to be read by him in session and put into the Congressional record. Here are the questions, answers and my rebuttals:

1. If the war on terror is over, as President Obama asserts, who won?

Kevin: The War on Terror that George started is over. Can you name another country to go invade and attack? Special ops and drones is where the war on terror needs to go in my view.

Me: The War on Terror has been going on since the late 600’s when Mohammed went to the villages of the Middle East and forced conversion, slaughter or enslavement of the occupants.

Islam declared war on the USA in 1801 when the Pasha of Tripoli was dissatisfied with the amount of blackmail we were paying them NOT to attack us. Hell, we’re STILL paying them $billions and they continue to murder us.

Before and during WW2, Muslims were active allies of Adolf Hitler against Britain and the USA. The violence leading up to 9/11 and beyond started when Iran’s Ayatollahs attacked the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 under a weak Jimmy Carter. Iran kidnaped 44 of our diplomats only to release them when Ronald Reagan beat Carter in ’80.

From Reagan through Clinton attacks took place in a rapidly increasing pace. No president did anything effective to fight back. It was only after 9/11, a mere 8.5 months after Dubya took office that President Bush with the backing of the Democratic Senate, put boots on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dubya did an effective job of invading the terrorists, as well as those who housed, fed and trained them. The engagement was so effective that we didn’t have one successful attack on the US mainland. Iran delayed their quest for nukes and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi curtsied in compliance like Obama bowing to the Saudi King.

While I have no objection to the use of drones, air strikes and special ops, I wouldn’t lock up our boots, planes or ships.

2. Have the terrorists signed an armistice and made peace with us and our allies?

Kevin: No, because we have not ended the war--just the part about attacking a whole country. We now need to go after the leaders of the terror groups.

Me: Which came first—the terrorist attacks upon us since 1801 or us declaring unilaterally the war was over, as President Obama has done?

3. Is Hillary right when she asserted before Congress, “What difference, at this point, does it make?" after a Benghazi cover-up?

Kevin: The point she was trying to make was the attack is over. So yes, what does it matter? Let’s find out who was responsible and how this happened and make damn sure that it does not again. But then, what are you to do when the CIA is running BLACK OPS out of the place (Libya) while they are trying to keep a low profile?

Me: You repeat Hillary’s rhetorical question then go to great lengths to destroy her with it. However, Kevin, you didn’t go far enough. Last time I looked, the Secretary of State was responsible for the safety and well-being of all our embassies and staff, all over the world. Our President is our Commander-in-Chief. We have a right to know where Hillary and Obama were before, during and after the Benghazi eight hour attack—what they did—or what they didn’t do. After nine months, why hasn’t this information been supplied voluntarily?

4. Knowing what we know now, should the IRS be in charge of implementing Obamacare?

Kevin: No--just another reason for everyone on the right that hates Obamacare to be able to jump up and down about how it sucks.

Me: Good answer, wrong reason. As of today, Democratic Senator Max Baucus, who wrote the bill, has called Obamacare a “train wreck” and announced his retirement from the Senate. The leader of the Senate, Harry Reid has also called The Affordable Health Care act a train wreck and stated we needed a $trillion more in taxes to fix it! As of today, only 35% of America supports Obamacare—hardly just the “right.” Too bad Harry didn’t follow Baucus’ lead and resign.

I asked 20 questions in my original column and, as you can see, I only responded to four of Kevin’s 20 answers. I credit Kevin with being the spokesperson for the Obama Administration because most lefties are either hiding or lying. Kevin, while deeply disturbed, ;>) at least is attempting to tell the truth.

Thanks for your response, Kevin and I hope you find my rebuttals instructive.

Now take heed and come over to the right side.

It’s for the good of your country and your children.