A Newburg alderwoman who has served for more than three years stepped down from her position Tuesday night during the board’s monthly meeting.

A Newburg alderwoman who has served for more than three years stepped down from her position Tuesday night during the board’s monthly meeting.

Alyson Garvey submitted her letter of resignation to Mayor James Poucher at the end of the meeting.

“It was an honor to serve and I wish you the best,” she said to the other aldermen.

Garvey told The Rolla Daily News after the meeting that she resigned because she accepted a new job in Santa Cruz, Calif. While she will move there, she said she will still have a property in Newburg.

Garvey said she hates to leave the position, noting that there has not been much interest in candidates for the boardin the past. She said she will miss a lot of things about serving the city.

Garvey was first elected to the board as a Ward 1 alderwoman in April 2010 and re-elected in April 2012.

While Garvey resigned, there were not enough votes on the board Tuesday evening to accept her resignation because Alderman Bill Stines was absent and Garvey cannot vote on the matter.

It takes three votes, a majority, to accept her resignation. The board is expected to accept her resignation at the July 9 meeting if all three remaining aldermen are present.

After that, the mayor has the authority to appoint somebody of his choice to the board, but a majority of the board, meaning the remaining three members, must approve his choice.

Earlier in the meeting, before Garvey resigned, the board also was notified by Travis Gray that he will resign as Newburg’s emergency management director. Gray, who is a truck driver, said he is often out of town and that the city needs somebody in the position that will be in the area.

Chrissy Krider, of the Newburg Fire Department, volunteered to serve as the new director and the board approved her for the spot by a vote of 3-0.

“I’m happy to do it,” Krider said, “but if I do the job, I’m going to do the whole job.” Krider has had the same training as Gray, she said.

In other business

In other action out of the board meeting, aldermen by a vote of 3-0 officially approved an ordinance to change the speed limit to 15 mph on all streets in town except Highway T. Currently, the speed limit on all streets in Newburg is 25 mph.

The ordinance reads that people found in violation of the speed limit can face a fine not to exceed $500 or imprisonment for a time not to exceed 10 years or both.

The three board members present also officially approved an ordinance updating the city’s building codes from a 1964-65 book to the 2000 book of IRC (International Residential Code) codes. While the city cannot force an existing structure or building to be brought up to the new standards, this will affect any new projects or any new addition to homes or other structures.

The board also clarified a motion passed last month regarding building permits. It was noted that the homeowner is responsible for paying the building permit, which was changed to $25 per project. The contractor on the project must pay for a license, which is $35.

In addition, members of the Newburg Community Housing Authority asked the board to either sell or lease a concrete slab to their group so they can place a shed on it.

The board offered a $1 lifetime lease to the group for the concrete slab since no one could think of any other use the city would have for it. The board voted 3-0 to let the city attorney review the lease.

The housing authority board also would need to approve the lease, it was noted, and is expected to talk about the issue at its July 3 meeting.

When the motion was initially made to let the city attorney review it, Garvey and Alderman Randy Brinkley voted yes, but Alderman Dallas McNew abstained. When it was pointed out that three votes are needed to pass a motion, McNew changed his abstention vote to a yes vote and the motion passed. McNew said later in the meeting that he abstained because he did not know where the slab was located.

Members of the fire department asked the board about starting back up a junior or cadet firefighter program for ages 16 or older. It was noted that fire departments in Doolittle, Edgar Springs and Dixon have cadet programs.

The board decided to wait on starting such a program to see how it would affect the city’s liability insurance. It was noted that the participants in the program would be nowhere near the fires but would take part in training.