“I see nothing—I heard nothing—I did not even get up this morning!”

Narcissistic, lying and evil is no way to run a country—unless your aspirations are to be another Stalin or Mao. Talk about ridding the country of overstuffed magazines, here is a partial list of clips—at least those that we know about:

BenghaziReportersIRSThere! Now if Dear Leader is to be believed, you know all he knew about these scandals right up until he heard it from the press—those who were brave enough to cover such controversial facts.

Now that we’ve heard from Hillary, the IRS leaders and Eric Holder in Congressional hearings, we know that they knew nothing either. You see, AG Holder recused himself from the attack on our free press. He knows nothing! The problem for Holder is that the act of tapping the phones and emails of reporters was illegal even if approved by a judge because the AP nor Fox News were notified as required by law. By definition, he is responsible. None other than Bill O’Reilly has predicted his resignation.

More important than any fact though, is that Dear Leader is outraged! He’s demanded answers and justice for those who are responsible for this and the IRS scandal. Yet, when the three IRS stooges, Steven Miller (Curly), Doug Shulman (Larry) and Lois Lerner (Moe) testified before Congress, they were arrogant, dismissive, insulting and apparently feeling quite insulated from crimes they might have committed. Most of all, they too claimed ignorance!

Lois Lerner, the person most directly involved in the unconstitutional discrimination of conservative, Tea Party, Christian and Jewish groups was so ignorant of the law and so sure of herself, she read a statement exonerating herself from any crime. Then she proceeded to plead the Fifth Amendment after trampling our First and Fourth Amendments. Problem is she’ll be recalled to testify because she waived her right to use the Fifth when she gave her opening defense.

Hillary’s claims were so defiantly ignorant of any facts that one had to wonder how she’s able to dress herself in the morning. She screamed at Congress after stalling for eight months before her testimony. “…WHAT DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT DOES IT MAKE!?” Of course the answer to that is easy. If you happen to want to prevent future attacks, torture and murder of US soldiers and diplomats from all corners of the earth, plus an explanation to the country and families as to why their sons were sacrificed, you may want to know. Also, if rumors are true Ms. Clinton, that you aspire to be President, I’d think you’d want that answered. And yet, she knows nothing!

How do you make public transportation high? When everyone Obama has thrown under the bus decides to stand up and fight back!

So, what we’re left with is three major scandals, two of which don’t touch Hillary or Obama if they can blame it on underlings who will clam up. Seems a sketchy strategy but possible. Who knows the power of riches beyond Dear Leader’s final term made possible by a promised Presidential Pardon and a lucrative job with a crony?

If these two scandals are neutralized, Benghazi is the one that could destroy the rest of Obama’s treasonous reign and hamper Hillary’s run for Queen. In fact, the only way they aren’t buried under Benghazi is if the Republicans crawl en masse into the fetal position like Romney did in the last two Presidential debates.

The reason is that there is too much direct responsibility of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief. Both had direct responsibilities for the protection of our forces and both were MIA during the seven-and-one-half hour attack. It would be hard to blame Panetta or General Martin for their inaction, although I take exception to their cowardice. They should have and could have tried to save our Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi at the risk of their own careers.

Three very credible whistleblowers testified that Hillary stood in the way of the rescue and demoted one of the witnesses. More of these are waiting in the wings.

Obama was simply missing after he was told of the initial attack. Sure was a contrast to his appearance in the Situation Room the night our Navy Seals took out bin-Laden!

For these reasons, if the Republicans want to save the country from a furtherance of its destruction from Obama and the other Socialists AKA Democrats, they should focus on Benghazi and educate the American people.

Right now half of them are walking around asking, “Who is this Ben Ghazi guy they keep talking about?”

Okay Obama-hounded press, time to clock in the field you were trained, Journalism!

Time for Americans to hear everything; know a lot and wake up to the reality of this tyranny against us by our own government.

Besides, it’s not cool to be the fourth stooge.