A product used to seal a leaky water tank on Cave Street in Newburg is not working the way that the product’s representative said it would, according to the engineer and general contractor working on the tank.

A product used to seal a leaky water tank on Cave Street in Newburg is not working the way that the product’s representative said it would, according to the engineer and general contractor working on the tank.

During the May 14 Newburg aldermen meeting, Rob Conaway, CM Archer Group, P.C., the engineer, and Tony Miller, of Mid-State Pipeline Maintenance, LLC, the general contractor, updated the board on the tank project.

Conaway explained that CAS Products, an authorized representative for several types of products, recommended using an Aquafin product on the leaky tank and told the engineer and contractor that it would stop the leaks.

“Because of some of the previous products put on the tank, they wanted something compatible,” Conaway told The Daily News this week. The change to use the Aquafin product was an additional $10,000, Conaway told the board.

However, when the Aquafin product was applied, it did not seal the tank, aldermen were told. Conaway noted that a representative from CAS was on site when a subcontractor of Mid-State applied the product.

Conaway said he, the contractor and subcontractor were told to give the Aquafin product time to work, but Conaway said he didn’t see it “healing itself back up.” The manufacturer of the Aquafin product has not been able to be reached.

“The contractor, I think, is willing to do whatever it takes if somebody would just step up and tell him if you do this, it will seal up the tank,” Conaway said. “We’re going to exhaust every means that we have to try to get that thing sealed up.”

Miller said if he doesn’t hear back from the manufacturer, legal action may be the next step. Conaway said he would rather have the city pay for a solution than a lawyer.

It was noted that a new tank would be much more expensive than trying to repair the current one on Cave Street.

“We’re continuing to try to find ways to come to a solution” Conaway said.

Miller added, “I appreciate your patience. We’re trying to get it accomplished … we intend to stick by it and make it happen one way or another.”

Building permits

In other business from the May 14 aldermen meeting, the board approved changing the city’s building permit requirements from $35 per year to $25 per project.

Alderman Dallas McNew suggested the change, saying, “I think $35 a year for a building permit is pretty cheap … A building permit for $35 a year, all encompassing, I don’t find that a very good way of doing things.”

The motion passed by a vote of 3-1. Board members McNew, Alyson Garvey and Randy Brinkley voted yes and alderman Bill Stines voted against the change.

Stines said if a building permit is applied for, the contractor or worker should have their work looked at by a city inspector.

Newburg’s current city inspector was invited to the meeting, but he did not attend.

“He was given advanced notice that he was invited to be here. He’s not here,” said McNew. “I say, thank you for your services ... if you’re going to take on the job, you need to do the job.”

Garvey said the city inspector did inspect several burnt buildings and other buildings in town brought to his attention for safety reasons and found violations in the past.

City stickers

Another issue raised at the May 14 meeting was reinstating city stickers for vehicles owned by Newburg residents.

Brinkley suggested the idea, saying that vehicle owners would not be able to renew their stickers until their taxes have been paid. He said Newburg residents who own vehicles need to have them licensed.

He recommended a city sticker cost $5 and by requiring the stickers, it would give the city more control over old abandoned vehicles.

City Clerk Phyllis Harris said while the city required stickers in the past, some people would buy them, but others wouldn’t. The last time Harris bought 500 stickers, it cost the city around $800, she said.

Stines said an ordinance drafted by Garvey and given to the city attorney already addresses vehicles in yards that Brinkley was referring to.

Stines said the status of the ordinances should be checked before stickers are considered.
Garvey motioned to table the issue for one month and Garvey, Stines and McNew voted in favor of tabling it, while Brinkley voted no.