The Rolla City Council authorized spending more than $2 million of tax revenue for various construction projects.

The Rolla City Council authorized spending more than $2 million of tax revenue for various construction projects.

Public Works Director Steve Hargis Monday night at the council meeting presented the bids for materials and services for projects to be paid with local tax money from the city budget or with money from state grants, federal grants or combinations of all three funding sources.

Here's a summary of the bids accepted:

• The council accepted a $703,627 bid for a new 300,000-gallon elevated steel water tank for a water and sewer improvement project at the Rolla National Airport. Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, Avon, Ind., submitted that low bid.

• The council accepted a low $180,837.08 bid from Water and Sewer Supply Inc., Columbia, for pipes, valves, bolts, nuts and other materials to be used in the airport water and sewer improvement project.

• Don Maggi Inc.'s low bid of $56,047 was accepted for a sewer project on Southbrook Drive. This "involves replacing a trunk line servicing the southwest portion of Rolla," Hargis said. "It involves digging depths in excess of 28 feet which exceed the capacity of our equipment."

• Rolla Asphalt's low bid of $233,360 for the 2013 asphalt overlay project was accepted.

• Only one bid was received for this year's micropaving program, and that was from Donelson Construction, Clever, for $3.18 per square yard, a total of $731,400. Hargis said that will cover an estimated 230,000 square yards. The work planned will cover about 10 miles, he said.

Last year's bid was $3.10 from Donelson. Hargis said he believes Donelson's bid is competitive, despite being the only one. He noted Donelson is the only company that offers the micropaving technique sought by the city.

Under questioning by Councilman Lou Magdits, Hargis said he and his staff have been working with local companies to come up with alternatives that might be as good as micropaving and more competitive in pricing.

The council accepted Donelson's bid.

• Rolla Asphalt also had the low bid of $101,274.92 for asphalt overlay on two planned parking lots downtown, one at Sixth and Elm streets and one at Rolla and 10th streets. The council accepted that bid.

• The council also accepted low bids for other materials to complete the parking lot project. These bids are: $22,204 from Parker Ready Mix, Rolla, for concrete; $10,254.29 from Suncliff Greenhouse and Nursery, Rolla, for trees and landscaping; and $4,608.80 to Murdon Concrete Products, Rolla, for inlet, grate and other necessities.

"In addition, the price per ton from Melrose Quarry and Capital Quarries for all types of rock are approved for purchase depending on availability and haul distance to each work site," Hargis told the council.

The lots will include 180 spaces. These will be leased parking spaces, as well as leased property.

Hargis said contracts with all the approved bidders, as well as property contracts and lease agreements for parking will be presented at the next council meeting.