The Phelps County collector said he is more than happy to help Newburg if city officials decide to let his office take over handling Newburg property and real estate tax collections.

County Collector Davis Haas spoke about providing assistance during Tuesday night’s county commission meeting held at Newburg City Hall, as part of an outreach effort for County Government Month.

A large crowd of more than 35 people, including county officeholders, Newburg city officials and area residents, attended the meeting.

Newburg aldermen have been discussing the idea of having the county collector’s office begin handling tax collections instead of hiring a city tax collector to do the same work.

“The county is more than happy to do it,” Haas said, noting his office handles collections for the cities of Rolla and St. James. “But I’m not trying to take a job away from you. If it works for you, we can work something out.”

While the City of Newburg would pay the county collector a fee for the service, that cost is estimated to be lower than what the city has paid its tax collector in the past.

It also has been mentioned in previous Newburg aldermen meetings that the county collector would possibly have a better chance at a higher collection rate of property and real estate taxes.

Haas said the Newburg Board of Aldermen would need to pass an ordinance for the city to contract with his office for the tax collection services.

Newburg Alderwoman Alyson Garvey said the board plans to vote on such an ordinance at its May 14 meeting.

In other


Also at the April 30 commission meeting, commissioners approved a five-year contract with DEVNET, Inc., in the amount of $122,900 for new software for the county collector’s office.

The commission also approved a contract with the U.S. Geological Survey to provide space at the county courthouse in the event of an emergency of loss of its facility.

In addition, commissioners were notified of a special waste collection to take place at Brewer Science in Rolla Sept. 21.

They also were given a packet of information from Francis Furman regarding the UM Extension election held earlier this year.

Commissioners announced that they plan to meet with the Missouri Department of Transportation Monday, May 6, regarding the railroad crossing on Country Club Road east of Rolla. Presiding Commissioner Randy Verkamp called the crossing “one of the busiest crossing in the county.” He said while there are warning lights, there are no arms to stop traffic from crossing.

“There’s a concern that as traffic goes up, there are greater safety risks.”

Before the commission meeting, Newburg Police Chief Chris Finch told The Rolla Daily News that his department plans to ste up enforcement of nuisance ordinances, such as high weeds and grass in yards and trash, appliances or furniture in yards. Violators will be given notices with seven to 10 days to correct the nuisance, Finch said.

Additionally, several county officials and a circuit court judge spoke their about offices during the commission meeting and what services they provide, including Associate Circuit Judge Ron White, Capt. Rick Hope of the sheriff’s department, County Assessor Bill Wiggins, County Treasurer Carol Green, County Recorder Robin Kordes, Patrick Greenwald and Chantae Alfred, both representing the Phelps County UM Extension Office, Health Department Director Jodi Waltman, County Clerk Carol Bennett as well as Haas.

Next Tuesday, May 7, the commission will meet at 7 p.m. in the Phelps County Courthouse Multi-Purpose Room, 200 N. Main St., Rolla. This will be the last Tuesday night meeting held at this time, but county officials have discussed “going on the road” again next year for County Government Month.