World Travelers… right in your own backyard!
                By, Amanda Moser

 If you follow our Facebook page (and you should like us at if you don’t!) then you have seen that this week Kirksville is playing host to 5 Brazilians who are in Missouri for the Rotary International General Studies Exchange.

There are 4 young professionals and a team leader and they will be in Kirksville until Friday. Each year Kirksville is lucky enough to enjoy the company of international travelers through this program and seeing our hometown through the eyes of our guests is a great way to appreciate and enjoy Kirksville! We'd like to introduce them to you as well!

The team leader’s name is Nilo Junior. He is 47, lives in Rio Grande do Sul State and works in manufacturing as a mechanical engineer. Nilo is married and has a ten year old daughter. He likes to read and listen to music and loves to ride his bike.

 Junior Marczewski is 26 and is from Cerro Largo. Junior teaches Chemistry and French, and also speaks Spanish and Polish. He loves languages! Junior likes to camp and swim. Not surprisingly he’s a chocolate lover and likes to watch movies. Thrillers are his favorite.

Andrea Neves do Santos is 35 and is an English teacher. She is married with a 2 year old at home. She loves kids and animals and loves to read and watch movies. Andrea also practices yoga once a week. She spends lots of time with her parents who live nearby.

Pablo Schrammel is 26 and is from Tres de Maio. He’s a self-described nerd and works in IT. He is interested in technology and likes to see movies, read, and listen to music. He’s not a picky eater, but believe this- he doesn’t like bacon!

Andre Luis is 38 and lives in Horizontina (which is just about the size of Kirksville) with his wife.  Andre teaches Spanish and English, though he worked for many years in the hospitality industry. He loves food and likes to try new kinds of beer and wine. He likes to play sports and shop.

As you might have noticed, our Brazilian friends are not so different from us at all! They are eager to travel and learn more about the US. They are dedicated to service through Rotary and have open minds and open hearts. If you see our friends in Kirksville this week, give them a warm Kirksville welcome. We are so lucky to have them join us in our hometown.

Though they’ve been here only briefly, they are already impressed with Kirksville. Says Andre, “There is so much to do here! The town is beautiful and there are so many restaurants and entertainment!” I promise, we did not even ask him to say that!