When the fiscal year for the Rolla School District ends June 30, the schools again will be in good financial shape.

When the fiscal year for the Rolla School District ends June 30, the schools again will be in good financial shape.

“Our financial position is very sound,” Finance Director Vicki Gorman reported to the school board Thursday night.

One way to look at the soundness is to figure the unrestricted fund balance percent.

The unrestricted funds are the operating funds, which are the incidental fund, also known as the general fund or simply as fund 1, and the teachers’ fund, known as fund 2.

Fund 1 includes money spent for support staff salary and benefits, supplies, utilities, fuel and textbooks.

Fund 2 pays for teachers’ salaries and benefits and tuition payments to other districts.

The unrestricted fund balance is the sum of the beginning balances for funds 1 and 2, plus revenue received during the fiscal year, minus expenditures and minus transfers.

The unrestricted fund balance is calculated by dividing the amount of money left at the end of the fiscal year in the operating funds by the amount spent that year out of those funds.

Gorman had figured the current fiscal year would end with an unrestricted fund balance of 31.14 percent or $11,928,600.

“We try to budget in a conservative manner,” she said, and in past years, the district has spent less and brought in more than budgeted.

Gorman said she has reviewed actual receipts and expenditures through the end of March and projects operating expenses will be less than budgeted.

“At this time, I am projecting that our year-end unrestricted fund balance will be approximately 35 percent.”

Unrestricted fund balance percentages for previous years have been:

• 32.17 percent or $11,577,927 in fiscal year 2009,

• 35.03 percent or $12,887,899 in fiscal year 2010,

• 38.65 percent or $13,674,561 in fiscal year 2011,

• 39.15 percent or $13,963,690 in fiscal year 2012.

No action was taken. The tax levies set for the budget for the next fiscal year will be adopted at a future meeting.

In other business or discussion at Thursday night’s board meeting:

• Technology Director Ginger King updated the board on the district’s technology plan implementation.

• Assistant Superintendent Craig Hounsom reported on textbook adoption.

• Assistant Superintendent Kelly Hinshaw provided an update on the capital projects.

• Unanimous permission was granted to the administration to add a teacher’s position for K-4 special education, owing to projected student population for the 2013-2014 school year.

• Rolla Asphalt’s bid for asphalting in 2013-2014 was unanimously approved. The company bid the following amounts: $3.24 per square foot for asphalt; $1.08 per square foot for overlayment; 10 cents per square foot for sealing; 50 cents per linear foot for striping; 55 cents per linear foot for crack filling and $66 per ton for spot cold patch.

• Daniels Construction’s $60 per hour bid for general backhoe work in 2013-2014 was unanimously approved.

• Ozark Testing Division of Anderson & Associates Consulting Engineers entered a “not to exceed bid” of $995 for Rolla High School cafeteria addition special inspections. The board unanimously approved it.

• Music teacher Jane Tummons directed the Truman Elementary School Ukulele Group in a performance. She explained the formation of the group and described the young musicians’ progress. The pupils performed “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands,” “The More We Get Together,” and “Rock Around the Clock.”

• In the consent agenda, the board unanimously approved bills for payment, affirmed the hiring of support staff and declared two refrigerators and a box of surgical technician VCR tapes to be obsolete and worthy of disposal “in an environmentally friendly manner.”

• The board noted May meetings will be on the 2nd and 16th days. Closed sessions begin at 5 p.m. and the open session begins at 5:30.

• Student representative Iqra Choudhry reported on upcoming events at the high school.