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by Antonio Prokup
Shades of Memories
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By Antonio Prokup
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April 22, 2013 11:29 a.m.

Open the lid and receive a splash of color,
As they fall upon the table of memories.
The blue drops out to remind me,
Of eyes I want to remember.
The yellow slides to the table,
Of daises, her favorite flower.
Shades of green scatter,
Showing the fields she roamed and explored.
White floats in the air,
Of faith that glowed around her.
The pink drops and dots,
The uniquely rouged cheek bones.
The purple shoots out of the box,
Exclaiming the pride in her town.
Brown wisely drops out,
Knowing how elegantly she wears the shade.
The last to fall as the box is tipped,
Red which covers all the rest.
Red is the heart of her church and her God,
But this red is the heart she always gave to me

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