Two council members and the city attorney will be honored at tonight’s Rolla City Council meeting, followed by the swearing-in of the council members elected April 2.

Following official acceptance of the certified results of the election, Councilman William Lindgren Jr., who did not run for re-election, and Councilwoman Carrolyn Bolin, who was defeated by Brian Woolley, will be honored.

City Attorney Robert J. Stoltz, who resigned and is moving from Rolla following marriage, will also be honored.

City Cerlk Carol Daniels will swear in the following council members:

Rhonda Sue Myers, Ward 1, elected without opposition;

Gregory M. Sawyer, Ward 2, also elected without opposition;

Susan J. Eudaly, Ward 3, appointed late last year to complete Gary Hicks’s term after he was elected to the Phelps County Commission, she defeated David Nenninger;

Louis J. Magdits, Ward 4, defeated Mike Samaras;

Brian Woolley, Ward 5;

Fran Mazanec, Ward 6, who withstood a challenge from former Councilman Mark Walburg.

Several public hearings will be held on ordinances, all related to action taken by the Planning and Zoning Commission (see related story).

In new business, the council will consider an ordinance authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement with the Meramec Regional Planning Commission for grant administration services pertaining to Rolla National Airport water and sewer improvements.

The council will also hear a motion to rename the North and South athletic fields and the Ber Juan soccer field.

Appointments will be made for the mayor pro tempore and the council representative to the planning and zoning commission.

Mayor Jenks will present a Local Government Week proclamation.