Drug watch: Over the past couple weeks our Street Crimes Unit, and HUD Housing Officer have been a little busy. Senior Patrol Officer Luke Kearse and Senior Patrol Officer Steve Gray initiated an investigation into heroin sales that led to the development of information which spawned drug investigations launched on five additional suspects.

Last week, Kearse and Gray assisted the Lake Area Drug Task Force execute a search warrant in St. Robert netting more arrests.

In another investigation, Kearse and Gray developed information which led to the arrest of a major drug distributor who had ties with main drug distributors in Pulaski County. The investigation netted three capias warrants and one felony drug distribution warrant issued for the Rolla drug dealer. The capias warrant charges were re-filed today and bumped up to prior persistent offender charges which were Class A felonies, with a punishment range of 30 years to life. If convicted, the elevated status requires the dealer to serve all the time with no chance of parole.

This past week we held our bi-annual physical fitness tests for all police officers. The test, conducted by Lt. Doug James and Detective Hank Harper is designed to monitor the strength and overall fitness of our officers who as you know, must be prepared to handle many physical and demanding situations. Although these situations do not arise daily, when they do arise, they are sure to tax the officers physical fitness.

The test consists of performing push-ups, sit-ups, sit-and-reach and a 1.5 mile run. All events are timed except for the sit-and-reach and scores are recorded. The test is mandatory for all current officers and is required as part of the hiring process for new officers. Lt. James and Det. Harper are graduates of the Cooper Institute of Physical Fitness and custom designed our pt test to fit our needs.

The Rolla Police Department has a well equipped physical fitness center located in the basement of our building that all local law enforcement officers are welcome to utilize 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The center includes cardio machines, exercise equipment, free weights, a hand-to-hand combat training area and training mat for other drills. We urge our officers to utilize the equipment on a regular basis to ensure their own well being and enhance their abilities to perform their duties.

This next entry is from the desk of Cpl. Adam Meyer. Adam writes: What a depressing job. I was dispatched to a store where a male left the cutest little three-year-old girl in his vehicle while he shopped. Windows up and the car off. When I came up she was soaked in sweat. As I was about to use the slim jim, the vehicle opened and the father ran up. I got her out and brought her to my vehicle and blasted the AC. I also gave the little girl 5 stuffed animals. I called in the father’s name and wouldn’t you know, he had a probation violation warrant with no bond. The little girl started to kind of lose it and was crying and saying please don’t take my daddy.

Well, with a warrant we don’t have a choice. I managed to put him in cuffs and into my vehicle while distracting her so she didn’t have to have a permanent image of her dad in hand cuffs. Mom was called and it took about 30 minutes for her to get there. While we waited for mom, me and the little girl went and sniffed about every single flower that this business had for sale. We were there for a while and I had dispatch call the manager. He told the little girl that she could pick out whatever flowers she wanted. Needless to say, she picked out the prettiest pink flowers they had. All in all, it could have been a lot worse. The gentleman went for the warrant, the little girl didn’t have to see her dad in hand cuffs and she ended up going with mom and some pink flowers and stuffed animals. Ever wonder why we do stuff like the Harlem shake at the parade? It’s because the other 99 percent of the time we have to do stuff like this.

Have a great week!