At the city limits of Rolla, besides seeing just the city limit sign you, will see a sign noting that Rolla has a Sister City in Germany called Sondershausen.

Sondershausen is about the size of Rolla and is located near the geographic center of Germany.

Delegations from Sondershausen visited Rolla in 1998, 2005, and 2011, and the Rolla Area Sister City Association is in the planning stage for a reciprocal visit. The trip is scheduled for June 7-9. As some of the people in the Sondershausen Sister Cities group are also Rotary Club members there is an effort to link some Rotary activities during their visit as well.

It is common for cities in Europe to fund trips for small groups representing the city when they visit foreign countries. That practice is not common in the United States and is not part of the Rolla city budget.

The Sister Cities Committee has organized various fundraisers to support the upcoming trip.

In February, the group held a Karneval at the Public House Brewing Company. On the third Tuesday of each month this group meets at the Public House Brewing Company for beer and general conversation. This is called a Stammtisch. Anyone in Rolla is welcome to join them from 5-7 p.m. at the Public House Brewing Company.

Even if you don’t want to join the Stammtisch, just stop by and say hello to the group at their reserved table.

The next benefit event for the Sister City Program is called Kaffee Klatsch and will be held Sunday, April 14 at the St. Patrick Catholic Center from 2:30-5 p.m.

Tickets are $20 per person.

At the Kaffee Klatsch you will learn about German traditions and the German hostesses will guide you through an afternoon of tortes, coffee and conversation.

There will be a variety of German cakes and a story for each of them.

Tickets can be purchased by calling Kay DuBois at 364-4987. Checks or donations should be made out to the Rolla Area Sister City Association.