Beaver Creek Bridge work moving forward

After all stakeholders in the Beaver Creek bridge project said that they were satisfied with the results of a concrete strength test performed on the structure's center pier last week, work is moving along again on the crossing south of Rolla.

Tuesday morning, crews with Brenneke Construction, LLC, the general contractor on the project, and Scott's Crane Rental placed beams on the bridge located on County Road 5240 between U.S. Highway 63 and State Highway O.

Last week, a Windsor probe test, a non-destructive test, was conducted to test the strength of the concrete used on the bridge. During the initial test, the wrong studs were used, so a second test was performed, which resulted in a pressure that exceeded requirements for concrete strength.

The test was performed after the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) raised concerns about whether or not cold weather concrete specifications were met at the construction site.

Brenneke crews were asked to repour the center pier cap after a higher than anticipated slope was noticed on the bridge in November of 2012, when the bridge was initially scheduled to be completed.

Beams were initially placed on the bridge in early November by a different crane company, but work was stopped after the slope was noticed and the beams had to be removed.

The slope was caused when Brenneke crews used Great River Associates' plans, which had a discrepancy in the elevations and dimensions.

Jason Murphey, project manager with Great River Associates, stated in an email that the concrete for the center pier cap was repoured March 8 and noted that the ambient temperature that day was 54 degrees Fahrenheit and "there was no curing compound used in the pour."

After learning about cold weather forecasted for the night of March 10, Brenneke was directed to blanket the center pier cap to maintain internal heat. "We feel that the contractor has demonstrated protection from freezing under controlling site conditions by blanketing," Murphey wrote in an email.

When work on the bridge stopped in November, Brenneke had 45 days to finish the job. Working days were counted again starting March 18.

Last month, Brenneke informed Murphey that once all stakeholders were satisfied with the concrete strength, it would take an estimated 18 days to finish the job.

Brenneke was initially awarded the project on a base bid of $299,401 last fall. The cost to fix the center pier was estimated to cost more than $24,500, which will be shared by Brenneke and Great River Associates. Neither MoDOT nor the county will be responsible for the repair costs.

The second lowest bid received out of nine for the bridge replacement project was submitted by Boone Construction Company for $322,893.40, meaning the current cost for the project is already above what the second lowest bid was.

The engineer's estimate for the project was $390,117.86.