Saddle Up!  Did you know we have a 10 mile long riding trail here in our own back yard?  The multi-use trail at Sugar Creek Conservation Area is just 4 miles south west of Kirksville.  Sugar Creek Conservation Area contains 2604 acres.  The area is primarily forested with a few open fields on ridges and along Sugar Creek.  Both Sugar Creek and Elm Creek run through the area.  Drive four miles west of town on Highway 11, and one quarter of a mile south on route N.  Parking is available.  Permits are required for groups of 10 or more riders.

Truman State University has an equestrian minor in the Ag Science Department.  Students can actually bring their horses to college with them. Truman also has an equestrain team with 80 members. Coach Emily Costello and 5 members of the show team just competed at a meet in Texas over the past weekend.  I recently visited the Truman Farm.  Jessica Issleib works  there while majoring in biology.  She introduced me to a horse named Gypsy and her new colt Lucy.   Mother and daughter are paints and there is quite a family ressemblence.

If, like me you are more of a spectator than a rider you can sit in the bleachers at the NEMO Fair Grounds soon to watch upcoming horse shows.  On June 22, the Adair County Horse show will occur.  On July 13th at 4 pm is the NEMO Fair Horse Show.  Both of these horse shows are free and open to the public.

Did you know you can even camp in Kirksville, with your horse, if you want to?  The NEMO Fair Ground has camping available for horses and their riders.  So climb into your saddle, or in my case, onto the bleachers, and enjoy horse back riding.