Rolla Municipal Utilities has earned net income of $276,437.59 so far this fiscal year, far less than the $1,173,834.68 earned for the same period a year ago, and even less than the net income for the month of February.

Those figures were announced Wednesday afternoon at the Board of Public Works meeting in the report of

Business/Finance Director Dennis Roberts.

For the month of February, the electric and water utilities brought in $2,753,501.07 and spent $2,481,104.98. That gave the utilities operating income of $272,396.09. Adding in other income, such as interest and late fees, the utilities had a net income of $315,049.71 for the month.

But the utilities have posted some monthly operating losses and the operating income for the year is $41,613.67. Boosting that is $234,823.92 in other income.

Operation Manager Tom Parker reported on projects that are either ongoing, recently finished or just started.

Started March 5 were modifications and a regulator installation at the industrial park substation.

Water line replacement on Lincoln Lane from Liberty Drive to Washington Avenue was finished March 13.

Various other ongoing projects previously reported are continuing.

Parker reported that CGS clamp replacements on 101 poles on the 138kV transmission lines that started Oct. 10, 2012, were finished March 27.

Four employees — Matt Dunn, Bruce Lineback, Kent Sbabo and John Turner — attended the Missouri Water and Wastewater Conference March 12 here. “Plant Safety and Emergency Planning” was the theme.

Carol Heimbaugh, Tom Carroll and Larry Moreland attended the 2013 Arborist School hosted by Vermeer Midwest in Chesterfield on March 13.

General Manager Rodney Bourne updated the board on power supply issues and began the Fiscal year 2014 budget discussion.

Bourne also shared an article about RMU that appeared in a trade magazine, Energy and Infrastructure.

The board adjourned for a closed session to discussion real estate.