As Easter and Passover holidays fade and reality resets itself, it’s become clear that our President has real disdain for most Americans. He has contempt for the smallest and poorest as he punishes us with his sequester idea as passed by Congress.

For the record, leaders in the House; Boehner, Cantor and Ryan should never have fallen for this Obama trick. How many times does he have to pull the damn football away as they attempt to kick it and fall on their arses? That being said, theirs was not a sin of evil, just naivety.

Coming off what seemed to some as a major upset victory in last fall’s election Obama was in a hurry to demolish the Republican Party in the 2014 elections. He maneuvered them brilliantly into a decision to fall into the sequester demanding they raise taxes once again. To their credit, Republicans refused.

Barack concluded that he could use the sequester to punish the average citizen, while blaming it on the Republicans. The President relished holding the average American citizen as hostage, choosing both real and symbolic predictions meant to scare, disturb and raise resentment in each of us.

Republicans passed a bill that gave Obama the opportunity to soften the blow by giving him the power to move funds around so there would be little or no pain for us citizens. The Senate buried it. Just to be sure, Obama threatened to veto it if it got to his desk. He was so sure this was a winner—until the press and the polls began to go south.

The problem with straw men is they tend to eat your red herrings

President Obama’s sequester choices were so transparently petty and immature even some of the low information voters, AKA the MSM, wondered out loud. No WH tours for kids from Iowa? REALLY? Our President even got people in his administration to lie for him—one claiming thousands of teachers pink slips were in the mail and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano asserting that airports would be a cluster of delays and frustration.

Possibly for the first time in his political career, the American public rebuked Barack Hussein Obama. They just aren’t buying the blame game anymore. More important, neither is one of the leaders of the MSM, Bob Woodward. He’s been reporting how idiotic the President’s sequester idea was since February of this year. For his reporting Bob got a whole load of criticism, much of it age-based from one pissed off administration and those who were his big supporters when he was sticking it to Nixon on Watergate with his partner, Bernstein.

NEWSFLASH! JUST IN!! President Obama is asking Republicans for “flexibility” in moving money around now that his pain plan has backfired. Gee, wonder if the Senate will go along.

If his poll numbers are any indication, Obama has suffered a big political defeat already. Further, the onerousness of Obamacare is looking to be one of the biggest flops since the Edsel. If someone doesn’t rescue our healthcare, we’re about to see 1/6th of our economy slam into the other 5/6ths with asteroid force. And how do we know this isn’t some tome written by Beck, Limbaugh or Weinbaum?

Liberal journalist, Joe Klein just blasted Obamacare in an article.

To put the garlic-stuffed olive in the Grey Goose, the extraordinary push to kill our Second Amendment seems to be going nowhere with a suspicious American public wondering why Big Sis ordered two billion hollow point bullets and 2700 land tanks for the country. Has lil’ Kim invaded yet?

From here it looks like the President’s numbers are liable to go lower than whale feces.

Wonder if he’ll let Bob Woodward and Joe Klein back into the MSM Obama lackey club anytime soon. He better shore up what he has lest Chris Matthews’ inner thigh goes numb.

Maybe Barack can get spot as a Lame Duck on the hit reality series featuring those goofy fowl callers.