Getting ready to head home to North Dakota for Easter.

 We are packing up and getting ready for our big Easter trip to North Dakota.    Most of my family will be meeting at the farm for Easter Dinner.   My brother-in-law is bringing out the snowmobile.   I hear they have a little snow left from the winter.   Also heard they have had below zero nights.     I really do not know what to pack for clothes.
    Mom has been calling me and asking me to help her remember random things, for example, what was the name of my cabin in Wisconsin.   The name of my cabin?   I had to think for awhile before I remembered that my hubby has a big sign with the cabin’s  name on it.   I had forgotten.    Now I am 60, and Mom is 97.   At least she has remembered that she forgot.
   I will turn 61 when we are up North.    However, I have decided that I am done with that direction on the number line, so next week I will turn from 60 to 59.   After all, age is just a number, but maybe that number makes us feel older, which makes us act older and could age us prematurely.
    I plan on sleeping most of the way to North Dakota.    There is nothing more relaxing for me than sleeping in the car on a long trip, as long as I do not have to drive.     The trip seems to get longer and longer each time we go.
    This is my spring break.    This is also the rest before the big push at the end of the  school year.     MCA testing is coming up, as well as all of the end of the year paperwork.    The final countdown is 8 more weeks of ‘real school’.   The 9th week is 2 days long, and really is just 2 days of picnics, signing yearbooks, cleaning out lockers, and older classes going to Valley Fair.     Is it just me, or do the school years go by faster and faster each year.
    I have not been very good about writing my blogs.     Most days, I get home from work and feel ready to go to bed.    We have joined a seniors’ health club, so it is all I can do to work out, eat dinner, and go to bed.     I share space with a new teacher who sometimes goes out with friends after work or even goes to a concert during the week.    I get tired just thinking about it.     I am hoping that when I retire, I will get all of my energy back and be ready to rock and roll just like in the 70’s.   Just sayin’.