Pets often tell a story without spoken words.

  The Uffda Fund for Animals had an information booth at the 2013 Cando Chamber of Commerce Farm and Home Expo yesterday. It was a great venue for capturing the attention of a lot of folks wandering around the armory, signing up for the usual door prizes, noshing on snacks offered at various booths and partaking of the catered meal. I daresay the Uffda booth would have won the prize for most visited, not because of tasty treats, or a gorgeous decorated display. No - it was all due to Honey and Lily.

Honey is a dear little gray tabby and white six month old kitten. She was abandoned in Cando and brought in to Uffda two weeks ago. Initially frightened and wary of people, it took Honey very little time to warm up and become a veritable purrpot. She was chosen to represent the other Uffda critters in need of furever homes. She spent the afternoon curled up in a carrier, tolerating many hands stroking her soft fur.

Lily,a two year old Springer-Heeler cross, has been in a furever home since she was a small pup. She and her seven siblings were discovered in 2 plastic totes left on a gravel road near Perth. The person who allegedly found the 7 week old puppies and brought them to Uffda may indeed have been the one who put them there in the first place. We'll never know the truth of that tale. Lily and her sisters and brothers were all adopted quickly so our Tote Pups had new beginnings. Lily is the best friend of Kylee, a soon-to-be three year old toddler. They obviously adore each other. Lily entertained everyone with her patient begging for popcorn.

The volunteers who peopled our booth were all great at relating the Uffda statistics and talking about why we do what we do for the animals. But it was the unspoken words of Honey and Lily which really told the story of animal rescue.