Sue Eudaly, appointed to the Rolla City Council by Mayor Bill Jenks to complete the term of Gary Hicks, now a Phelps County commissioner, faces a challenge in Ward Three from David Nenninger, who ran for the office last year.

Here are their responses to the Rolla Daily News questionnaire:

1. Briefly describe your background, including education, current employment and work experience, voluntarism, public service and family.

EUDALY: I am originally from St. Louis. I have lived in Rolla since 1983. I am a retired elementary teacher. I taught three years in Van Buren before finishing my career with 29 years in the Rolla Public School system.

I recently retired from teaching ending a 32-year career. I served on several committees during my teaching and was president of the Rolla Community Teachers Association.

I have already served several terms on the council and am currently filling the term left vacant by Gary Hicks.

I have been a volunteer since 1994 with the Cancer Gala committee. This past year we had a very successful event raising over $93,000 that remains locally to help cancer patients. I have been involved with Solar Car Racing since 2001 as a volunteer. In the past I have also volunteered time with boy scouts and marching band. Mark and I have one son, Steven, who resides in Springfield.

NENNINGER: I have owned a small business in tractor/trailer repair and have 25 years experience in management including CEO, general manager, branch manager, service manager, etc. I graduated from East St. Louis High and have some college courses. I retired from the Wal-Mart DC in St. James last year and am currently emplyed at Lowe’s in Rolla. Have worked with children’s athletic programs for a decade and a half with soccer and hockey. I participated and ran the largest soccer organization in the metro east some 3,600 children. I was the area manager for the southern half of Illinois for the American/Scandinavian student exchange program.

Also a scout leader for several years. I am a life member of the Disabled American Veterans and a Shriner.

2. Why are you running for this office?

EUDALY: I am running again because I truly love serving the people of Ward 3. I am retired and feel that I have more time than ever before to work for my community.

NENNINGER: I believe in a representative government at all levels and have entered this race to give the constituents a voice.

3. Why are you a better choice for the voters than your opponent?

EUDALY: I don’t really know my opponent so I really can’t comment on him. I will say that I have the past experience from serving on the council that will help me to hit the ground running. I know the ins and outs of how the city runs. I have also served on the board of adjustment.

NENNINGER: I’m running to help attract more business to Rolla. Also to get the greatest value for our tax revenue and maintain the quality of living in Rolla. I believe there should be a choice in all elections.

4. Why should the city use tax increment financing to bring retail business to town?

EUDALY: TIF is just one more tool that we can use, if needed, to attract business to Rolla. It is a very competitive and businesses are looking for incentives to locate in our town.

NENNINGER: The TIF program is and has been used to help attract potential business to our city and area. Most all cities and counties use this tool. We should use this to our advantage to attract industry that provides the greatest return for our investment.

5. What’s your solution to the funding of The Centre after the recreation sales tax ends Dec. 31 of this year?

EUDALY: The Centre has been a great addition to our community. I have been a member since it opened. We need to continue to decrease expenses and increase revenues wherever we can. Scott Caron is a great leader at The Centre and I know will work to make it be successful. We may need to look at a tax increase to help all of our parks, not just The Centre.

NENNINGER: The city has had several suggestions for a fix for this problem at the center. I understand that the water programs are the most costly and that is under consideration with other potential solutions. The taxpayers deserve an answer on a fix. They voted on this with the understanding that the center would be self-sufficient at the end of this taxation so we must either solve the problem or abandon the project or sell to the private sector.

6. Do you want to loosen, rescind or leave untouched the workplace smoking ban?

EUDALY: I would like to leave the work place smoking ban untouched.

NENNINGER: Everyone deserves the same treatment by the city. When you provide exceptions you open the door for discrimination. If you ban smoking it should be all-inclusive. If you rescind, it should also be all-inclusive.

7. Should the city continue with the water fluoridation program?

EUDALY: I would like to see the level lowered to the amount that the Department of Health and Human Services and Environmental Protection Agency has recommended.

They are recommending 0.7 milligrams per liter of water.

The EPA has yet to respond to this proposal.

NENNINGER: This question has come up several times at the council level. We need to have the MSDS sheets of all the in-use chemicals at the water treatment plant. They should be read by qualified people and if any of the chemicals are found to contain carcinogens or harmful properties they should be omitted.

8. Are there any departments that need drastic improvement in performance?

EUDALY: We have department heads that are very capable of taking care of their areas. My only suggestion is to continue to give the best customer service that we can for our community.

NENNINGER: In any business you should always strive to improve. If the departments have internal problems they should be handled by the department head. If he needs assistance he should follow procedure.

9. Is John Butz doing a good job as city administrator?

EUDALY: We are very fortunate to have John Butz as our city administrator. He is a great communicator, mediator, and leader. John has worked really hard for Rolla and gives his all everyday. He has received various awards from the MML. I hope he continues to make Rolla his home.

NENNINGER: The mayor had appointed the administrator and he should be the one to evaluate his performance. I believe that Mr. Butz has his heart in the city’s welfare.