Since Doreen Moore, one of the current Ward 1 Newburg City Council members, is not running again in the upcoming municipal election, that has left her seat open for either Dallas McNew or Christopher Davis to take.

Both are facing off against each other for the two-year position that voters will decide at the polls Tuesday, April 2. Moore was appointed by Mayor James Poucher to fill the term of Mark Fox, who left the board in the summer of 2012. She is not seeking re-election.

McNew and Davis both responded to questionnaires by The Rolla Daily News about why they are running and their answers are below:

1. Briefly describe your background, including education, work experience, organizations you are or have been involved in, previous public service experience, family or other related information.

Davis: “I graduated Rolla High School in 2008. During my time there I was a very active member in the Rolla FFA chapter to which I credit a large majority of my leadership capabilities. After high school I studied at Linn State Technical College where I graduated in 2009 with a Certificate of Proficiency in Heavy Equipment Operations. Soon after graduation I bought my first home in Newburg and took a job working with my father in a family-owned trucking company where I applied my skills learned in college and the FFA to train new hires and guide employees through daily operations.”

McNew: “I am a Rolla High School graduate. I came to Newburg in 2005 with my wife Leann. We have two kids and two grandkids. I have worked in construction my whole life. I own my own company, McNew Carpentry and Drywall, LLC. I am a Master Mason with Arlington Lodge 346, a member of Shriners International and belong to New Home Baptist Church. In the past I was in the Order of the Eastern Star and secretary for the Rolla FFA Alumni.”

2. Why are you running for this office?

Davis: “I am running for City Council because I like to solve problems. There are numerous problems facing the city, and I would love the opportunity to do something I enjoy while at the same time making a difference in this community.”

McNew: “We (my family and I) made the decision to move here. There are a lot of things that need to be worked on. It won’t take place overnight. I feel like I can help benefit the community by serving on the board. I’m not out to make political promises. I will make myself available to and work with my constituents in Ward 1.

With hard work and dedication, we can succeed.”

3. What experiences or qualities do you possess that qualify you for this position?

Davis: “I believe the quality that best qualifies me for this position is the fact that I love a good challenge. I know that some of the problems we face and decisions needing made are not easy ones, but I am determined to find solutions that will improve the quality of life in this community.”

McNew: “I have experience with holding offices, like past secretary for the Rolla FFA Alumni and other civic activities. I have a real positive attitude. I’m an honest, down-to-earth kind of guy.”

4. How do you differ from your opponent?

Davis: “I would say the biggest difference between my opponent and myself would be our age. I believe I will bring a lot of fresh new ideas to the city rather than the same recycled policies that have led to the decline in this great community.”

McNew: “I don’t really know my opponent.”

5. What do you think are the most important issues facing the city of Newburg?

Davis: “The most important issue I believe would have to be infrastructure. I want passers-by to notice our shining destinations like the Lyric Live Theater, The Houston House and The Children's Museum. Instead the first thing you notice are the crumbling roads. If elected I will fight to change that.”

McNew: “The biggest issue is revenue. We need to find a way to generate revenue and get some kind of money in this town. I think the city needs to operate like a business. We have a lot of maintenance issues, like our roads.”

6. What, if any, improvements or changes do you think could be made to the city of Newburg? 

Davis: “The biggest improvement and change we can make to the city is to be more business friendly. By fixing the roads, cleaning up burnt, falling down buildings, we can attract more businesses which would reduce the tax burden on homeowners while at the same time continuing to improve all aspects of the city including infrastructure, the fire department and police department.”

McNew: “We need to maintain our roads. We need to clean up this town and get rid of the burnt buildings. Things need to be acted on.”