Drug watch: On Monday, the Rolla Street Crimes Unit conducted a drug investigation whereas a large quantity of heroin was seized.

Drug watch: On Monday, the Rolla Street Crimes Unit conducted a drug investigation whereas a large quantity of heroin was seized.

On Saturday morning the Missouri S&T St. Pat’s Board and the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the 105th Annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. The parade begins at 11 a.m. and will follow the usual route which begins at the intersection of 6th and Rolla Street.

The parade will travel east to Pine Street, north on Pine to 12th Street, west on 12th a short distance then south on Rolla Street. The Rolla Police Department will provide security and traffic control along the route to ensure the safety of the spectators and participants. If you are a parade participant please remember to maintain a safe interval between you and the participants you are following.

Please remember that Rolla City Ordinance Sec. 4-2. Drinking in Public: says it shall be unlawful for any person to drink, expose or display any beer or alcoholic liquors in open containers upon the public streets or within any public place of the city; provided, however, that this Section shall not apply to public places legally licensed and where such drinking is permitted. Exceptions to this section may be granted by City Administration on a case-by-case basis.

Also remember Rolla City Ordinance 4033 states persons participating in a parade may not distribute gifts, merchandise, literature, hand-outs, candy or other materials from moving vehicles or parade floats during the parade. Participants may assign walkers to hand or toss items to spectators along the parade route.

Walkers shall only distribute gifts, merchandise, literature, hand-outs, candy or other materials as far off the road as possible to avoid children and other spectators from running into the streets and so long as such activity does not draw spectators into the streets. This new ordinance was enacted in an effort to keep children from darting out into the parade route to retrieve items thrown during the parade.

In addition to the parade, the St. Pat’s festivities include other events such as live music concerts at the Downtown Band Shell, Gonzo Games, Fraternity and Sorority parties and many other attractions. These events attract Missouri S&T students, staff, alumni and members of this and surrounding communities to the downtown area and other parts of the community in celebration of the St. Patrick’s Day observance.

This dramatic increase in activity also leads to an increase in traffic congestion, which leads to a high probability of incidences of drunk driving. The sobering fact is that impaired driving contributes to 30 percent of all Missouri traffic fatalities. In 2012, 231 people were killed and 841 seriously injured in crashes involving an impaired driver.

That is why the Rolla Police Department will be out in force this weekend and then again next week, where we will join other Missouri law enforcement agencies to crack down on drunk driving during the Statewide DWI Campaign held March 14 - 17, 2013. Rolla Police Department Traffic Coordinator, Sgt. Tim Mayfield says; “Drivers could lose their license, pay large fines, or worst of all, cause a tragic loss of life. The only safe driver is one that is completely sober.” For more information on impaired driving, please visit saveMOlives.com.

Earlier this week, the Rolla Police Department received a call from a concerned citizen. The citizen reported receiving numerous unsolicited calls this week. During the calls, the caller would ask for the citizen by name and tell the citizen that he/she had won the lottery. However, there were taxes on the prize money that needed to be paid up front before the winnings could be sent. The caller then asked for the citizen's credit card number to make payment arrangements. The citizen did not reveal any personal information and hung-up.

Some points about telephone scams...

1) If you didn't enter a lottery but won, its a scam.

2) More than likely the scammers will obtain the person's name and number from a calling list.

3) Do not give out any personal information (eg. date of birth, social security number) over the phone.

4) If you have caller ID, write the number down.

5) We were all taught to be polite over the phone but keep in mind, when someone is trying to scam you, hang-up.

6) Contact your local law enforcement agency if the calls persist.

These types of crimes are difficult to investigate. Most times, the criminals are operating outside of the US. The best way to reduce this type of crime is through prevention by educating the public.  Visit the FBI's website for more information on frauds...http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud.

This next entry is from the desk of Cpt. Jason Smith. Jason writes: The Rolla Police Department wants to go on vacation with you this summer! In conjunction with our continuing effort to fight drugs, the department is handing out “Sgt. Squeeze” a foam stress ball figure that looks like a police officer. Residents are encouraged to submit photos of Sgt. Squeeze on summer trips and travels, or in town photos with family and friends. Creativity is encouraged.

To get your Sgt. Squeeze, come by the Rolla Police Department, located at 1007 North Elm Street in Rolla, Missouri. The winner of the contest will get a prize. Depending on the amount of entries, there could be prizes for second and third place as well. Submit your photos to us at police@rollacity.org.
The contest will run until August 31.

The Rolla Police Department is an avid supporter of Special Olympics – Missouri and has recently hosted two fundraisers in the community to support the local Special Olympic athletes. On Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013 the Rolla Police Department had a team participate in the annual Polar Plunge at Lake of the Ozarks.

The team braved the elements and plunged into the frigid waters to raise over $760 for our athletes. Then on March 9 the Rolla Police Department hosted the Taste of Rolla Chili Cook Off where local businesses entered their own chili recipes into the competition for best tasting chili. Participants then tasted all of the entries and voted for their favorite sample. Music was provided by the local music group Trilogy. The event was a huge success and raised another $1,100 for our athletes. Thank you for all your support and watch for future Special Olympic events coming this year.

In closing I would like to congratulate Telecommunications Supervisor Scott Olds on his retirement after 29 years of dedicated service to police telecommunications. Thursday, March 14, 2013 was Scott’s official last day and he was joined by a host of law enforcement, firefighters and EMS personnel who stopped by to wish him their best.

Scott did volunteer to come in and help us out part-time should the need arise. Good luck Scott, thank you for your excellent service. Have a great week.